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Author's profile photo Uladzislau Pralat

Connect Business Objects On-Premise to HANA Cloud Platform

HANA Cloud Platform can be used to implement different extensions. Some extension scenarios will save data in HCP HANA that you might need to reports on and analyse. Primary tool for that is Business Objects Cloud, but you still can use Business Object On-Premise. All you need to do is to connect Business Objects On-Premise to HCP using HANA Cloud Connector. In my blog I will explain how to do that.


In my demo Flight data is replicated from SAP NetWeaver to HCP HANA. HANA Modeling capabilities are used to create calculated views consumed by Business Objects on-premise. It similar to OpenSAP course Extending SAP S/4HANA with SAP HANA Cloud Platform scenario with some changes:

  • Business Object On-Premise is used instead of Business Object Cloud
  • NetWeaver CAL system is used instead of NetWeaver on Lunix VM
  • SFLIGHT is used instead of EPM data

I added screenshots wherever configuration is different from OpenSAP course

These are configuration steps:

1. Create SAP NetWeaver 7.50 CAL system

2. Download and install HANA Cloud Connector on SAP NetWeaver 7.50 CAL system Front End

3. Prepare HANA Cloud Platform Account

4. Connect HANA Cloud Connector to HANA Cloud Platform

Note: external and internal IP addresses of a machine where HANA Cloud Connector is installed will be used later

5. Create HANA database in HCP and Create HANA Database user

6. Set up Service Channel in SAP HANA Cloud Connector

6. Set up replication between SAP NW and HANA in HCP

7. Create Table Function and Calculation Views in HANA HCP

Source code can be downloaded from here:





8. Create Business Object 4.2 SP3 system

9. Connected Business Obects On-Premise to HCP HANA

Note: Server and Port are from step 3 and step 5

10. Create Webi report connecting to HCP HANA

Both HANA_HCP Connection and Webi document can be created from linked lcmbiar file






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      Author's profile photo Murali Kalluru
      Murali Kalluru

      Hi Pralat

      We are trying to connect to HCP from SAP BusinessObjects on premise platform.

      You have mentioned in step 8 to Create Business Object 4.2 SP3 system , we are on 4.2 SP02 , do we need to be on 4.2 S03 to connect to HCP from BO on premise?

      Where do we create the system that you mentioned in step 8.

      Thanks in advance


      Author's profile photo Uladzislau Pralat
      Uladzislau Pralat
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Murali,

      it used to be free trial CAL system. It is no longer available. You should be able to connect to BOBJ 4.2 SP02 too.

      Regards, Uladzislau

      Author's profile photo Murali Kalluru
      Murali Kalluru

      Hi Pralat

      Thanks for the reply, When i am trying to test the OLAP connection in BO 4.2 SP02 I am getting error "Failed to get connections forconnection [...] using session locale [English]"  , Do we need to add BO system also in the service channel?

      If you give the steps that would be of great help.I have created message with SAP but they are not confirming if it requires 4.2SP03.




      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Pralat,

      In our current set up where we have on premise HANA and BOBJ and have SAML authentication configured from BOBJ to HANA and user security is maintained at HANA database level.

      we are planning to move our HANA instance to HCP (HANA Cloud Platform) and have BOBJ on premise. Can you please advise if SAML configuration between on premise BOBJ and HANA on Cloud platform works ? As we have internet and intranet zones involved in this scenario. one way communication from on premise to HCP will work but in response back to BOBJ on premise how does this SAML work ?

      I see there is lot of documentation around BO on cloud and HANA on premise but we don't see one for our scenario.

      Any guidance is appreciated!!


      Thank you.

      Author's profile photo chandra koduri
      chandra koduri

      Hi Pralat,

      Nice Explanation.

      Could you please help below scenario,

      My DB is on HANA cloud and BO is on Premise,I have to develop universe  by connecting HANA cloud db

      What is the driver should i use and design the universe



      Chandrasekhar .K

      Author's profile photo Uladzislau Pralat
      Uladzislau Pralat
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Chandrasekhar,

      once connected using HANA Cloud Connector HANA MDC is like any on-premise system. Create Business Layer in IDT and report on it in BO.

      Regards, Uladzislau

      Author's profile photo Jorge Aguirre Fernández
      Jorge Aguirre Fernández

      Hi Pralat,


      Nice job. I find it pretty useful.

      If I understand it, this way you are reporting in BO the data you are modeling in HCP.

      But, what about the opposite? Is it possible to display reports from BO in HCP?

      We have a BWoH reporting on BO, but we are exploring this approach and we think that could be possible to create an application consuming the HANA views directly if the HCP is connected to the HANA DB.

      Any idea or guideline would be appreciate.






      Author's profile photo Uladzislau Pralat
      Uladzislau Pralat
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Jorge,

      to connect to on-premise HANA and analyze HANA views data you need SAP Analitics Cloud (formerly SAP Business Objects Cloud).

      Regards, Uladzislau