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Author's profile photo Ugur Hasdemir

The SAP GUI menu is back in Fiori 2.0

Together with S/4HANA 1610, SAP Fiori 2.0 has been launched. Fiori 2.0 is SAP’s latest iterations of the SAP Fiori design language. Next to the fact that it looks better and there are much more apps available compared to Fiori 1.0, the most important revolution in my opinion is that we now have a harmonized user experience across all application components.

In this blog I will share my experience and challenges with Fiori 1.0 and the huge benefits and breakthrough in Fiori 2.0.

After the first serious release of Fiori back in 2014 we had mostly Simple Finance specific apps. With the release of S/4HANA 1511 the amount of apps significantly increased. Together with the increasing amount of apps I had, as a consultant and trusted advisor, a really hard time explaining customers how to position all the different user interfaces SAP has provided.

We still have SAP GUI, NetWeaver Business Client (now Business Client) and SAP Fiori. We had to avoid the situation were users need to login multiple times in multiple screens. My strategy was to use the Business Client as single point of entry for all users and cherry pick some relevant Fiori apps (mostly Analytical) for Management and C-level executives which they access directly via the Launchpad URL or via a shortcut in Business Client. It was not ideal and we were unable to provide users with a heterogynous and harmonized user experience. Not even mentioning the additional work in setting up authorizations for apps and Tile Catalogs/Groups.

It was not possible to position Fiori as a full blown user interface for all users simply because not all business processes and transaction were provided. Therefore Business Client was the user interface for daily operations and some users had access to Fiori for (mostly) Analytical Apps and reports.

SAP Fiori 2.0 Launchpad as single entry point for all applications and users

What has been changed in Fiori 2.0? The first thing you probably notice when you enter a Fiori 2.0 Launchpad the so called ‘Viewport Concept’. The desktop has been expanded to the left and right sides.


On the right side we have the ‘Notification Area’ for the complete list of notifications, workflows etc.. On the left we have the ‘Me Area’ to access recently used Apps and some menu areas for personalization and configuration. In the ‘Me Area’ the App Finder is new as well. This replaces the App Catalog from Fiori 1.0.

The ‘App Finder’ is exactly the specific improvement and breakthrough which I will explain further in this blog. More general information and details about Fiori 2.0 can be found in the SAP document via below URL.

One of the most important improvements in Fiori 2.0 is the harmonious user experience. There is no native Fiori App yet for all SAP transactions. But all “Classic” applications, such as Web Dynpro and SAP GUI for HTML are facelifted and received the new SAP Fiori visual theme Belize. This makes it possible to use the Launchpad as a single entry point for all users. It’s not only the theme change in the “classis” transaction. The facelift consist of more functional changes like Merged headers and other Fiori like control elements. You will directly notice that it is not a native Fiori app since it will open in a new window or tab. I will show some examples further on.

Adding SAP GUI and Web Dynpro transactions to you Launchpad

In the App Finder, which is available in the Me Area you can search for Fiori Apps in the available Catalogs, but you can also search for “Classis” transaction from the SAP GUI menu or User Menu.

This finally makes it possible to deploy Fiori in full for all users across the entire organization.

Let’s see how it works:

From the SAP Menu I navigate to Financial Accounting submenus. As you can see all transactions are displayed as Tiles. For the people among us with nostalgia for the GUI menu, this feature is enlightening. You can still browse through the GUI menu.


From here I can add a transaction to a group, in this case My Home:

Even if there is a native Fiori App for a specific use, like the ‘Post General Journal Entry’ App. You can still decide to choose for the “classic” FB50 transaction if you think this is more productive for the user. They can coexist side by side and the transaction code is mentioned in the tile.

Another good example is the Create Sales Order (VA01) transaction. As you can see, merged headers and the control buttons at the bottom like in native Fiori apps are the first things you notice next to the color theme.

You need to enable this functionality as it will probably not available out of the box. This can be done easily with the help documentation available via the below URL.

I’m happy to see that with Fiori 2.0 SAP managed to create a uniform and harmonized user interface. The Launchpad can work as a single point of entry and the look and feel of transactions are more or less the same.

Experienced users will probably recognize the facelifted SAP GUI apps, but with the Belize theme, coherent menu and control functions everything seems to be in harmony.


I received a lot of question related to the availability of Fiori 2.0 for older releases. The answer is yes, it is available for older releases. You just need to upgrade your front end server to 3.0. This applies for both Business Suite on HANA and S/4HANA Finance (1503/1605) systems. You can find more detailed info on SAP Help and the related OSS notes.


This blog first appeared on my personal website



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      Author's profile photo Sascha Weidlich
      Sascha Weidlich

      Hi Ugur,


      thanks for the Blog. 🙂


      I tried to setup this behavior on an NW AS ABAP 7.51 SP1, unfortunately it doesnt work. 🙁

      Im able to see the "normal" Applications in the App-Finder and im also able to add them to my Start Page. But when i try to open an Application by clicking on the tile im facing an Error:

      "Failed to resolve navigation target: "#Shell-startGUI?sap-system=LOCAL&sap-ui2-tcode=VA01" - Could not resolve navigation target sap.ushell.renderers.fiori2.Shell.controller"


      Any ideas whats wrong here?


      Thanks and Regards!


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Sascha !


      You've to see the target mapping of your app in the launchpad designer, something is potentialy wrong as the system ID or navigation target ie.


      Good luck



      Author's profile photo Frank Schuler
      Frank Schuler

      Hello Ugur,

      Thanks for this great blog.

      However, I am facing the same issue as Mike and Sascha. I am pretty certain that I exactly followed the instructions in the SAP help that you reference.

      Is there perhaps some more information about the inner workings of this to help me resolve the issue?

      Very many thanks in advance


      Author's profile photo Benni Perzy
      Benni Perzy


      What about customer development. Should they adapt their development to Fiori 2.0?




      Author's profile photo Mahendra Bhandari
      Mahendra Bhandari

      @ Uğur, Frank, Mike and Sacha- in the Target Mapping for SAP GUI and SAP WDA Apps- Mention the System Alias as name of ‘H’ Type RFC Destination and it will work.


      HTTP(S) connection (type H):

      This connection type is used during the launchpad runtime to start the Web Dynpro applications and SAP GUI transactions from the launchpad.

      Use the following naming convention: <Logical System Alias>_HTTP or <Logical System Alias>_HTTPS



      ~ Mahendra

      Author's profile photo Ugur Hasdemir
      Ugur Hasdemir
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Mahendra. I didn't face the issues of Micke, Sasha and Frank. Probably it was already configured like in your explanation.

      Author's profile photo Roger Sainsbury
      Roger Sainsbury

      Fiori 2.0 is indeed available for older releases (e.g. Business Suite). However note that the new Belize theme only works with S/4 HANA, not with Business Suite. As explained here by Frank Krause:

      'we do not plan to support Belize on older SAP products for multiple reasons:

      • Belize introduces new features only supported with a new SAP_BASIS release (the “FIORI_USAGE”). These features cannot be downported and without them Belize does not make much sense.
      • Belize introduces much more fundamental changes than the previous themes. One big aspect is the screen metrics, but there are others. Therefore we recommend to check and adopt applications before running them with Belize. At SAP we did this intensively for the S/4HANA applications and we modified a number of them.  These changes are only available for S/4HANA.'
      Author's profile photo Ugur Hasdemir
      Ugur Hasdemir
      Blog Post Author

      Roger thank you for this additional information.

      Author's profile photo Kodandaram S
      Kodandaram S

      Hello Ugur,

      Thank you so much for the blog.

      I have a problem opening Sales Order Create App.

      Failed to resolve navigation target: "#SalesOrder-create". This is most likely caused by an incorrect SAP Fiori launchpad content configuration or by missing role assignment. - Could not resolve navigation target sap.ushell.renderers.fiori2.Shell.controller

      We are currently on SAP  S/4HANA 1709 FPS01 and here are component details

      SAP_UI      752 0002  User Interface Technology
      UIS4HOP1 300 0001  UI for S/4HANA On Premise

      I got below config information Fiori apps library'VA01')/S10OP


      I am unable to find 'SalesOrder-create' target mapping and any of the business catalogs given below


      We gave all roles mentioned as below.

      SAP_SD_BC_SO_PROC_OP Catalog's target mapping

      And also we tried SAP NOTE : 2495630 for missing target mappings. But, we are unable get any mappings.


      Could you please let us know if I am missing any component or configuration for SAP GUI transaction in Fiori.

      Thank you.


      Best Regards,