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Below you find the list of the enhancements and new capabilities we have been delivering every quartersince Q1 2015 in segmentation, campaign managment & execution, content & permission marketing. A release independent overview can be found here

1705 is available for new customers since May 2017

  • Multi channel flow-based campaign designer *) replaces old campaign user interface for all channels.
  • Multi channel periodic campaigns with follow-up actions and filters
  • New & enhanced user interface for permission marketing, suppression rules & test system whitelists
  • Enhanced testing of mailings and optional plain text mail (multi part)
  • Assignment of communication categories to any campaign
  • Extend custom campaign actions with tracking of inbound interactions
  • Enhanced segmentation and target group customizing in the cloud

*) Old campaign user interface is deprecated and will be removed completely with 1708

1702 is available for customers since February 2017

  • Multi channel flow-based campaign designer for campaigns with more actions e.g. CRM, C4C, A/B testing, Facebbok, Paid search, Wechat, file export
  • Flow-based success KPIs
  • Predict best action or channel by dynamic filter rules in campaign automation
  • Advanced permission marketing with global suppression rules sets
  • Mobile apps as campaign channel
  • Calculate best sending time while releasing a campaign
  • Export & import of HTML e-mails including conditions
  • Thumbnail preview in content studio
  • Mass status change and approval for target groups

1611 is available for customers since November 2016

  • New flow-based campaign automation designer for mailings
  • Send time optimization & channel affinity calculation and segmentation based on individual contact behavior
  • Multi language mailings
  • Product recommendation mailings
  • Conditional subject lines in mails
  • Advanced campaign follow-up-actions e.g. for C4C, CRM or file export
  • Template-based segmentation for casual users
  • Permission Management extensibility with S/4 BADI

1608 is available for customer since August 2016

  • Orchestrate Campaigns with SAP Hybris Customer Journey
  • New E-mail and template editor with assignment of Offers and product lists in e-mails
  • Landing Page Analytics in-place and as extendable SAP HANA view
  • Campaign with open channel action to connect 3rd party solutions e.g. lettershop in S/4 HANA
  • External campaign execution to connect external ad serving provider for campaign execution
  • S/4HANA flexible & embedded analytics & for campaign e-mail success
  • Enhanced S/4HANA Segmentation Customizing
  • Enhanced look & feel for campaign & target groups
  • SAP Business Workflow support for campaign approval
  • SAP Hybris Commerce as image library for mails in S/4HANA

1605 is available for customers since May 2016

  • Automatic A/B testing of e-mails
  • Build Landing Pages to gather contact data before downloading a document or video and use this as trigger for campaigns
  • Landing Pages enable contacts to enter free text notes and to use this as trigger for follow-up campaigns
  • Segmentation on codes and descriptions
  • Basic Segmentation Customizing for S/4Hana

1602 is available for customers since February 2016. Some of the new capabilities are:

  • Optimized look & feel for campaign automation and marketing content
  • Extended trigger-based marketing allows any interaction type as start trigger
  • Live target groups for real-time filtering of contacts & interactions in trigger-based marketing
  • Personalized & configurable target group columns
  • Paid Search Campaigns
  • Send-on-behalf with personalized signature for Sales/Service employees
  • Advanced Landing Page Personalization for Mail & Websites
  • Sending of SMS, Facebook Campaign & double opt-in also in S/4 Hana
  • Enhanced Lead Management with C4C
  • File export history in campaigns

1511 is available for customers since November 2015. Some of the new capabilities are:

  • Design, deploy & run landing pages with contact form and subscription capability without coding
  • Categorize communication by managing subscriptions and limits for message volume per contact
  • Execute campaigns to contacts which own multiple products by sending directly from Hybris Marketing
  • Design complex marketing automation scenarios and display them as chart
  • Web tracking with campaign & contact identification links in e-mails
  • Upload, manage and use multivalued marketing attributes for contacts for segmentation

1508 is available for customers since August 2015. Some of the new capabilities are:

  • Embedded Campaign Analytics provides standard reports & analytical views for out-of-the-box campaign success measuring
  • External Content Management Integration simplifies to search and reuse pictures located in external WCMS or DAM systems
  • Conditional content enables personalized rule-based display of pictures/texts per contact
  • Double-opt-in mails automatic confirmation mails for marketing permissions
  • C4C & external Call Center integration with response tracking
  • Facebook Campaign Success allows out-of-the-box analysis of Facebook banners
  • E-Mail Affinity Score allows definition of contact rules to control traffic per contact
  • Grouping of Campaigns with Marketing Programs for Spend tracking

1505 is available for customers since May 2015. Some of the new capabilities are:

  • Geo location based segmentation
  • Optimized Segmentation Model Recalculation and segmentation history in target groups
  • Marketing Calendar: Device specific personalized charts
  • Advanced personalization of e-mailing content
  • Enhanced CRM Integration e.g. for Call lists in Interaction Center and campaigns for contacts with multiple products (e.g. cars, contracts)
  • Facebook Audiences for banner campaigns
  • Trigger-based Marketing for Shopping Cart Abandon
  • Enhanced in-place campaign analytics

1502 is available for customers since February 2015. Some of the new capabilities are:

  • New structure for managing campaigns, templates and content
  • Define & execute multiwave campaigns
  • Automate campaigns with triggers & actions  (e.g. click link -> send SMS)
  • Marketing Calendar for 360° overview on campaigns, success and spend
  • Use E-Mail & SMS as campaign channel
  • Enhanced management of marketing content & templates, newsletters and recurring campaigns
  • Manage marketing permissions thru external interfaces and check permissions before execution
  • Instance Authorization for Target Groups and Campaigns
  • Target Groups for Interaction Contacts and Objects

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