Below you find the list of the enhancements and new capabilities we have been delivering every quarter since Q1 2015 in segmentation, campaign managment & execution, content & permission marketing. A release independent overview can be found here


1702 is available for customers since February 2017

1611 is available for customers since November 2016

1608 is available for customer since August 2016

1605 is available for customers since May 2016

1602 is available for customers since February 2016. Some of the new capabilities are:

  • Optimized look & feel for campaign automation and marketing content
  • Extended trigger-based marketing allows any interaction type as start trigger
  • Live target groups for real-time filtering of contacts & interactions in trigger-based marketing
  • Personalized & configurable target group columns
  • Paid Search Campaigns
  • Send-on-behalf with personalized signature for Sales/Service employees
  • Advanced Landing Page Personalization for Mail & Websites
  • Sending of SMS, Facebook Campaign & double opt-in also in S/4 Hana
  • Enhanced Lead Management with C4C
  • File export history in campaigns

1511 is available for customers since November 2015. Some of the new capabilities are:

  • Design, deploy & run landing pages with contact form and subscription capability without coding
  • Categorize communication by managing subscriptions and limits for message volume per contact
  • Execute campaigns to contacts which own multiple products by sending directly from Hybris Marketing
  • Design complex marketing automation scenarios and display them as chart
  • Web tracking with campaign & contact identification links in e-mails
  • Upload, manage and use multivalued marketing attributes for contacts for segmentation

1508 is available for customers since August 2015. Some of the new capabilities are:

  • Embedded Campaign Analytics provides standard reports & analytical views for out-of-the-box campaign success measuring
  • External Content Management Integration simplifies to search and reuse pictures located in external WCMS or DAM systems
  • Conditional content enables personalized rule-based display of pictures/texts per contact
  • Double-opt-in mails automatic confirmation mails for marketing permissions
  • C4C & external Call Center integration with response tracking
  • Facebook Campaign Success allows out-of-the-box analysis of Facebook banners
  • E-Mail Affinity Score allows definition of contact rules to control traffic per contact
  • Grouping of Campaigns with Marketing Programs for Spend tracking

1505 is available for customers since May 2015. Some of the new capabilities are:

  • Geo location based segmentation
  • Optimized Segmentation Model Recalculation and segmentation history in target groups
  • Marketing Calendar: Device specific personalized charts
  • Advanced personalization of e-mailing content
  • Enhanced CRM Integration e.g. for Call lists in Interaction Center and campaigns for contacts with multiple products (e.g. cars, contracts)
  • Facebook Audiences for banner campaigns
  • Trigger-based Marketing for Shopping Cart Abandon
  • Enhanced in-place campaign analytics

1502 is available for customers since February 2015. Some of the new capabilities are:

  • New structure for managing campaigns, templates and content
  • Define & execute multiwave campaigns
  • Automate campaigns with triggers & actions  (e.g. click link -> send SMS)
  • Marketing Calendar for 360° overview on campaigns, success and spend
  • Use E-Mail & SMS as campaign channel
  • Enhanced management of marketing content & templates, newsletters and recurring campaigns
  • Manage marketing permissions thru external interfaces and check permissions before execution
  • Instance Authorization for Target Groups and Campaigns
  • Target Groups for Interaction Contacts and Objects

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