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Creating a cloud data soure in cloud for customer

Creating a cloud data soure in cloud for customer

This blog explains how to load external data source to c4c. When some amount of data is not there in C4C, you want to bring into C4C and use the data for analytics. Once data is in C4C, we can merge the data source with existing data sources through inner or outer join.


If you have finanacial data coming from ECC which is not there in C4C, you load it in cloud data sources, and you can see it in conjunction with C4C  or with existing data source

If you are loading a confidential data, for security of information you need to join with existing data source, that’s when the data security of C4C data source will be applied also to Cloud data source.

Creation of Cloud data source: Cloud data source can be created from Business analytics facet in C4C ( as per pic) , Facet-> Business Analytics-> Create data source-> New-> Cloud data source

The respective details of fields in the source system like field name,Field ID,can be referenced with C4C existing data sources key fields  eg. Referencing account field from third party will be referenced from to CODACCOUNT data source and BP_INT_ID key field  in C4C . User can make the Fields primary  as per the requirement.



Once all the required fields from external source are created in C4C as seen in screenshot above,  the Cloud data source is saved , user can download the template from the Download Template button from design data source screen.


Navigation: Goto-> Design data source screen-> Search for already created cloud data source -> Click on download template. The CSV can be filled with data from external source .



Fill in the file with relevant data and click on button DATA to upload the CSV file.

In upload data screen, select the file settings , select field delimiter , upload the CSV file with data filled.


Click on Preview, the loaded data will be shown . If user wants to create a report from this data source, it can done by clicking on Create report button



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      Andrea Schmidt

      Great explanation! Thanks