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Ranking in charts based on the Current year in SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence


This document will provide the overview on how to display Top 10 Product based on the current year Product data irrespective of previous year.


Need to show Top 10 Product based on the Current year. For example if we have three 2015, 2016, 2017 and want to display the top 10 product sales based on the current year and need to sort based on the current year even though the product has less or high sales revenue in the past years.

Have taken E fashion universe for this scenario.

Steps to be followed.


  1. Here have taken Year, State and Sales object.
  2. Created a chart based on the above objects.


And our chart will be in the below mentioned format. Now I want to display Top 10 product to my chart


  1. Create a variable with the below mentioned formula.

Rank will be done for each state and Rank will reset based on the year. Here I have hardcoded the latest year in this example. If want to get the current year, can use Where([Year]= FormatNumber(Year(CurrentDate());”####”))


  1. Apply the above created variable to the filter of the chart in order to display Top 10 product based on the latest year value.



Even Ranking has been created based on the Latest year value the Bars are not displayed in the same order as expected.



If we apply sort also the order is not as expected.

  1. In order to achieve the order of Top 10 product based on the Latest year. Add the Variable which we created “Rank on Sales Revenue” to the category axis of the chart. And click on the drop down arrow mark and select “Hide”. If we miss to select the “Hide” option if will be displayed in the X axis along with state.

  1. Now apply ascending sort on the “Rank on Sales Revenue” object.

So now the chart has been sorted based on the Top 10 product value based on the Latest Year data as expected.

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