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Multiple ESR connection during SAP XI 7.0 to SAP PRO 7.50 Migration

Not sure if anybody wrote about this topic, but during my investigation i never found anything about this.

In this blog i will show u how you we use multiple ESR connections during the migration from old SAP XI interfaces to new Integration Flow based ABAP proxie interfaces on SAP Process Orchestration.


In the current project we have the callenge to migrate approx. 200 interfaces, futhermore we must redesign and apply an new naming convention for all objects (ESR, ID and SLD).

The most of our interfaces are based on the ABAP proxie technologie,  for that we must ensure that all proxies in each system (dev, qas, prd) runs without limitations. Especially we must safe that we can change an develop old XI based proxies also in the dev system, as we migrate the new one to SAP PRO.


For the design time change the old XI with the new SAP PRO ESR destination to regenerate and rename (e.g. we use a new prefix ZPO) the proxies via SPROXY:


1. Go to SM 59
2. Create new Destination of type G
3. define the host an the path prefix: /rep

If we now switch to SPROXY, you are able to fetch your interfaces from the ESR (SAP PRO 7.5)



The Runtime Configuration on the SAP ECC is still not changed and pointing to the SAP XI system, as u can see in SXMB_ADM:


To define the runtime configuration for the new “migrated” proxies, we using the fact that for each proxie a coresponding “consumer-proxy” exist.


Choose “Web Service Configuration” and search your proxie e.g. “ZPO_CO_VACATION*”

Now create a new “WSDL based Configuration”:

Enter the Name of the new logical port.

Enable the checkbox to define the port as default.

In the WSDL Information step provide the WSDL endpoint url from the Integration Flow, we fetch this info easily from the NWDS:


In the next step we can now see the binding:

Finally we provide the user which are invoke the webservice and complete the configuration:

As result we are now able to execute an the ABAP proxy which invoke the “Logical (WSDL) Port” to post the data via SOAP to our SAP PRO 7.50 System. And our old SAP XI proxies are use the “stadard way” which is configured via SXMB_ADM.





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  • Hi Fabian, thanks a lot for this contribution. This is quite interesting to us as we are just now facing the same issue: We are currently on PI 7.4 and want to migrate to PO 7.5. In this context we were thinking as well about the option to install PO on a new system and we are asking ourselves how to handle two different ESR respectively the proxies in the backend system in parallel. I’m assuming that with your approach we can realize a step by step migration while not touching running interfaces. Any thoughts from your side would be appreciated.