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Author's profile photo Ashwini Kumar Dalai

What’s new in 1702 – SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer : Surveys

1 – Product Pictures

Sales representative and merchandisers often associate a product with the product picture. Hence while conducting product based based surveys, it becomes important that the product pictures are displayed along with the product ID and descriptions. In this release the possibility of displaying the product picture has been introduced.

The availability of this feature is based on a scoping question and this is available for both checklist and Matrix based product surveys.


2 – Sorting, Searching and Filtering for Product based surveys

At times, it becomes cumbersome for the sales representative to find the right product in a survey, if the survey has large number of products. In this release the user can search the products based on the product ID and description. The dynamic search capability allows the user to search and filter based on the input. Sorting of products based on product Id and description is also available.


3 – Signature Capture in Survey

For certain business scenarios, the completed survey acts as a legal agreement between the customer and the organization. The survey signature would be a proof that the contents of the survey were in acceptance with the customer. With this release the user has the option to capture the signature after completing the survey. The signature can be made mandatory or optional based on the setting of the survey. Once the signature is captured the survey cannot be edited further.

Once signed, the signature would be included as a part of the survey summary. Signature has to be included as a question type within the survey in order to enable this feature. Also please note that if the signature is made mandatory then the survey cannot be completed without capturing the signature.


4 – Aggregation of survey results

Once a user completes a lengthy survey, it is important to provide a summary of the results. Based on which he would be enabled to take necessary actions. The aggregation of survey results feature provides the summary of the survey. The aggregation is provided in the following options

  1. Based on scores assigned to the questions/answers
  • Product level maximum and the actual scores would be calculated for product based         surveys only. All the questions for a product would be considered for the calculation.
  • Question level maximum and actual scores would be calculated. For product, based surveys all the products for a question would be considered for the calculation.

  1. Based on answer options in a question (applicable for product based surveys only)
  • The actual count and the percentage value of the answer options chosen for a question would be displayed, for multiple choice questions.
  • The average value of the answer provided would be displayed for amount and quantity based questions

Aggregation of survey results can only be done for Amount, Multiple choice and Quantity based questions. The aggregation rules are of the following types 1) Absolute value 2) Percentage 4) Average. Average rule is valid for amount and quantity type questions. Absolute value and percentage rule is valid for multiple choice questions

5 – Flexible Matrix Question

With this release we have the matrix type question available for internal surveys. It was only available as a part of the satisfaction survey until this release. With this the user can define the rows and columns of the Matrix question. We support the following type of answers for the matrix question 1) Radio button 2) Drop down 3) Checkbox 4) Numeric box.


Please note that the Matrix question can only be included in a checklist type survey.

6 – Copying of previous answers based on question

Copying of previous answers for all the question of a completed survey was already possible. But with this enhancement the copying of answers can be based on individual question. During designing the survey the admin user would have the option of disabling the previous answer copy functionality at a question level.

7 – Product ID/Description display

In product based surveys the user has the option to select the display of product Id and description based on a scoping question. the following display options are available based on the scoping answers 1) Product Description and Product ID (default) 2) Only Product ID 3) Only Product Description.

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      Author's profile photo Stefan Heitmann
      Stefan Heitmann

      Dear Ashwini,

      could you tell me how to use answers to the matrix questions in the C4C analysis, please?

      We created a survey with matrix numeric questions and it looks very good. However, I could not find the data in any datasource. It seems that the system displays the answers in a characteristic named "Answer Text". I did not find a corresponding key figure, which makes it impossible to do draw graphs and calculate values?

      Can you tell me how I can do an analysis of matrix questions?

      Thanks and regards,


      Author's profile photo Ashwini Kumar Dalai
      Ashwini Kumar Dalai
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Stefan,

      Reporting for matrix type question is planned for the next release.




      Author's profile photo Martin Schneider
      Martin Schneider

      Hi Ashwini,

      I couldn't find anything concerning Matrix type-reporting in the 1708 release notes. Will this be available with 1708?

      Thanks for your answer