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Fiori Analytical App Configuration Steps for beginners

1.   Introduction

We have lot documentation available in SCN and Fiori App help guide in order to configure the Analytical apps. However, it is bit difficult for Fiori fresher’s to understand where/how to start the configuration. So I have basically listed out all important steps in Analytical App configuration in addition to standard SAP help documents. This is not replacement of any of those documents, only intention is to make you to understand the concept during initial stages and build the Fiori Analytical configurations easily.

2.   Fiori Architecture:

Image Source – SAP Help website

As shown in the above diagram, Analytical App related KPI artifacts are available in HANA XS Engine.  Fiori launch pad will distinguish whether it is transactional app or analytical app  through web dispatcher by using URL semantics. Hence Web dispatcher will play major role to distinguish the client calls based on URL mappings and divert the call directly to Hana XS Engine in case of any analytical app.

In general, Basis Administrators will configure the webdispatcher and build the initial system. In case of any issue webdispatcher, basis will be go to team for help.

3.   How to start Analytical App Analysis:

All analytical tile configurations will be done in Fiori launch pad directly by using KPI Modeler tiles and we won’t use Fiori Launchpad designer for this activity. So we have to first check whether KPI Modeler tiles which are shown below are appearing in Fiori launch pad or not.

If these tiles are available, then we need to proceed with KPI configuration, otherwise, we need to work with security team to get the correct roles assigned to user ids in HANA DB.

a.    Prerequisite Roles for KPI Modeler:

  • You have installed the SAP Smart Business modeler apps on the front-end server and on the SAP HANA server.
  • Your front-end user is assigned the PFCG role /UI2/SAP_KPIMOD_TCR_S.
  • Your SAP HANA user is assigned the roles and

Security team has to assign these roles to Fiori developer, then he will get all the above tiles in his Launchpad to configure KPI Modeler related tasks.

b.   Few general issues:

Sometimes, we can see KPI modeler catalog in launch pad, but we can see cannot load tile error which is shown in the below image.

This might happen due to either webdispatcher has not been configured by basis properly or any other required authorizations are missing out for user id.

So when ever, we will get this error, we need to check whether launchpad is asking the HANA DB credentials or not while logging , i.e., are you using correct Web dispather launch pad URL or not & then reach out to Basis team to check the web dispatcher settings.

If you won’t find any issue with webdispatcher, then work with Security team to get the required roles assigned in HDB.

Once everything is fine, we can able to see all KPI Modeler tiles, then we need to proceed with KPI configurations.

4.   KPI configuration:

We can see all standard KPI IDs in KPI Workspace tile. As per our requirement, we have to activate the required tiles. As recommended by SAP,, we should not disturb any standard KPI ID and need to copy the standard KPI ID into customer name space and then create evaluation & drill downs by referring the standard KPI configurations.

 a. Understand the KPI ID

Days Beyond Terms


Above is Days Beyond Terms Fiori app KPI ID.  As per this KPI id naming conventoin, we should come to know about HANA artifacts name space.


The above shown path is the package hierarchy for this app and all app relevant HANA artifacts are available under this package. This is very important to understand when we will create custom KPIs, it’s better to name the custom KPI id as similar to standard naming convention which is shown above.

As per SAP Best practices, we have to copy the standard KPI ID to customer namespace and complete all the required KPI configurations according to APP guide.

  b. Understand the Evaluation

Each KPI id is associated with evaluation. An evaluation is a combination of filter settings and input parameters (the variant), thresholds, parameters, trends, and authorizations related to a KPI that defines what can be seen by the SAP Smart Business user at runtime.

Technically, we can give all HANA XS Odata service name, entity type details, calculation view details, parameters and filter values in evaluation and save & activate it.


  c.    Create Tile

Once evaluation activated with out any errors, then proceed with Tile configuration.

All Tile details should be given as per the Fiori App guide or standard APP  Tile configuration.

  d.    Drill down configuration

The generic drill-down application consists of one or more detail views of a KPI that are displayed when you click the KPI tile or when you click and select a chart or table object. It reads attributes from the KPI evaluation and details about the UI from the visualization.

We basically configure attributes, measures & representation type (chart/table/PI chart etc) in the drilldown configuration.

5.  Catalog Assignment in Designer

All analytical tiles are assigned to Standard catalog /UI2/SAP_KPIFRW5_TC_R. Hence we no need to assign any tile in the catalog.

6.  Group Assignment in Designer

Subset of catalog that contains the apps visible on the SAP Fiori launchpad entry page. Which tiles are displayed on a user’s entry page depends on the group assigned to the user’s role. In addition, the user can personalize the entry page by adding or removing apps to pre-delivered groups or self-defined groups.

Select required group in designer and search for the standard catalog /UI2/SAP_KPIFRW5_TC_R which has all KPI related tiles. Mark required tile and add it to group.

7.  Security Role Assignment

  • Roles (PFCG): Contains references to catalogs and groups and provides users with access to the apps in these groups and catalogs.
  • Provide the catalog and group ids to security team, then they will assign them in the required business roles and assign it to users.
  • Security team has to assign all business roles as per the Fiori App guide to users in order to access the apps correctly.

8.  KPI Artifacts Transport

SAP Tool: SAP has provided SMART Business Download Tool, which enable to download all KPI artifacts into .csv file and upload them in the required system. But Web IDE tool is prerequisite to use this tool. Since we don’t have web ide tool in our landscape, I have not explored much on this tool, but many details are available in SCN and SAP help site.

  • In latest S4 Hana Stack, SAP has provided an option to add tiles, catalogs and groups to transport request in KPI Modeler it self. You can explore more details on this approach in SCN.

9.   Tips

  1. Whenever any changes being done in oData Metadata then always execute the below T-codes to clear cache in HUB and back end systems.



2. In case if BSP application updated or custom BSP application uploaded in SAP system, then

execute the below programs in SE38 to clear cache.



3. In addition to above, user has to clear the browser cache or execute the apps in Chrome incognito window.

4. Whenever tile not loading message appearing in launch pad, then re-check the targetmappings configurations in the respective tile in Launchpad designers.


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Naveen,

      Thanks for the nice blog!

      We have the "Can not load file" issue you explained above. We tried with all the setup mentioned with no luck. The HANA role you mentioned, which one is that? Is there any thing else we need to do?



      Author's profile photo Naveen Veshala
      Naveen Veshala
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Murali,

      As per SAP, they are the 2 initial roles to be assigned to Modeler for KPI configurations. Can you check with Security team whether these roles properly assigned to your user id in HANA DB & hope your browser is prompting you to enter HANA DB credentials or SSO might be enabled. If you are still getting errors, then press F12 in browser and check the error logs. Then you will get to know the actual error.


      Naveen Veshala

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Naveen Veshala,


      I have a similar issue in one of my customers where I can see the second popup asking for HANA user credentials.

      I would like to setup the single sign-on in order to avoid that popup and only use the Fiori Credentials.


      Is there any step by step configuration that I can check or follow?


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Naveen,

      thanks for summarizing the steps. We have setup DaysBeyondTerms app and noticed that there is no data being pulled in by the query.We checked the table "BSE_OIH" (that the query uses.) and confirmed that the table is empty.

      However, we do have lots of records in other associated tables like "BSID". Do we need to trigger a program to populate the table BSE_OIH?

      Best Regards,



      Author's profile photo Anil Dhote
      Anil Dhote

      Hello Naveen,

      Very good steps.

      I have BackEnd System SAP S/4 HANA 1610 OP and FrontEnd System SAP Fiori 3.0 and I am using SAP Web Dispatcher 7.49.

      I have configured Transitional & Fact-sheet Apps but while configuring Analytical apps and

      above those roles are not available in my HDB

      So can you suggest me, how  it will be appear in HDB.

      Thanks & Best Regards

      Anil Dhote

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Anil,


      I am having the same issue, just like you.


      We too are on SAP S/4 HANA 1610(this one is on Amazon Web Service, with another instance of SAP NetWEAver Gateway 7.5x on AWS as well).


      Were you able to figure out why these two roles  -> and

      are missing and how to assign them to the End user?


      Also could you let me know, how you have mapped the end user (created in SAP GUI with T-Code "SU01")  to the SAP S/4 HANA database?


      Kindly let me know, if you get any lead in this direction.


      Thanks and Regards,

      Suraj Kumar Midgay.

      Author's profile photo Sreehari V Pillai
      Sreehari V Pillai

      Just for a future reference, S4HANA latest releases doenst have xsodata stuffs for analytical apps. They are redesigned in CDS odata. So web dispatcher configuration is not required.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Naveen,


      Thanks for such informative post.


      My query is similar to that of Anil's.


      We too are on SAP S/4 HANA 1610, running on AWS, with separate instance  of SAP NetWeaver Gateway (runing on AWS too).


      I do not see these two role -> and


      Could you kindly let me know, how to obtain these roles? Or is there any new role on 1610 for these?

      Also, request you to kindly let me know how to map the users created in SAP GUI (using SU01) to SAP HANA Database.

      I have assigned these roles to my test account ->



      When I logon to the Fiori Lauchpad, I do not encounter any prompt asking for the SAP S/4 HANA password.

      Any light in this direction would be really helpful and appreciated.


      Thanks & Regards,

      Suraj Kumar Midgay


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Suraj,


      Please go through the blog,