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Successfactors Recruiting Management – new Features in the Q1 2017 (b1702) Release


with this blog post I would like to give a preview on the upcoming b1702 release of Recruiting Management (RCM). This is a list of favorite features in this release, not a complete list. For a full list of all available enhancements, you can always have a look into the release notes for b1702. There is indeed a lot more to see!

Please have a look at the features and feel free to comment or ask questions.

1. Draft Mode for the Offer Letter

After a lot of feedback from our community, we have now built out the possibility to save the offer letter as a draft and continue later with it. Generally writing an offer can be time consuming and can take longer than a regular working session.

To save the letter as draft, simply use the new “save as draft” button that will be provided with the new release. Anyone can then continue with the draft, a popup will ask if you would like to continue with the draft or discard it:

2. UI Consistency 

We continue on our path to harmonize the user interface suite-wide in SuccessFactors, by applying Fiori designs and architecture. There’s a clear benefit for suite users but also for any user as the Fiori designs are modern and user friendly.

In Recruiting Management, the following pages have been modified with this release:

  • Interview Scheduling – Job Requisition
  • Interview Scheduling – Interview Setup
  • Interview Scheduling – My Calendar (Week)
  • Interview Central – View Open Requisitions (w/Candidates)
  • Interview Central – Edit Candidate Interview Assessment

In order to benefit from the Fiori design, you can switch it on using the Fiori User Experience 2016 upgrade in the Upgrade Center. 

Please find some before/after pictures:


Before/After in one picture:


3. Right-to-Left languages

We are not only working on the harmonization of our user interface and on making it fully accessible, we are also working on enabling right-to-left languages, such as Hebrew and Arabic. The following pages have been enabled in this release (with the exception of a few popups that will be enabled in a future release):

  • Job Requisition List
  • Job Requisition Detail
  • Applicant List (also known as Candidate Workbench)
  • Applicant Profile

Please find an example:


4. Enhanced Duplicate Candidate Profile Management

Improving the management of duplicate candidate profiles was one of the most urgent asks that had been given to us at SuccessConnect in 2016. With this release, this functionality has again been enhanced in multiple ways:

  • A candidate now has to enter the email twice. Mistyping an email address was one of the major causes for duplicate accounts.
  • There is now a new list view in the “Manage Duplicate Candidates” admin tool, that facilitates the working on duplicates a lot.
  • Also it is possible to quickly jump from a potential duplicate candidate profile to Manage Duplicate Candidates admin tool, when the profile has been marked as a potential duplicate.

Here are a few screenshots of these new features:

Additional email check:

New List View:

Direct link from Candidate Profile:


5. A few additional enhancements that are worth mentioning:

  • When a candidate is forwarded to a Job Requisition, the identity of the referrer will now be displayed on the Candidate Summary page as a one time message. We are also working on making this information permanently available in an additional column.
  • Recruiting users now have the ability to add attachments to Recruiting E-Mail Templates, at the time of defining them.
  • Partners can now initiate the reindexing of the candidate index (Solr index) by themselves, without having to open a CS ticket. Triggering such a reindexing can be necessary after an import of candidates or a change to data fields of the candidate profile.
  • There are new Recruiting email triggers for the creation of a requisition in status pre-approved and approved. These can be very useful in scenarios where the requisition is not created by the hiring manager and then an email needs to be sent as a notification to this manager.
  • New configurable footer for microsites: Some companies are obliged to present disclaimers and further legal information on the external career site. In RMK this has been possible, the RCM external career site so far had no possibility to show such a footer. This can now be defined for each microsite and language.


Thanks for reading this blog post. This post is limited to RCM features and leaves out RMK and Multiposting. However it does not have to. Please let us know and we could think about how to provide a post that would cover all of SuccessFactors Recruiting next release.

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      Author's profile photo Heiko Lenk
      Heiko Lenk
      Blog Post Author

      Page breaks in the offer letter: A number of questions have reached us if it was possible to have page breaks in the offer letter. The good news is, yes you can do that, however you will currently have to do this by inserting a short piece of HTML. Please find the details below (thanks to Florian Hertlein).

      1.) Define the pagebreak element:

      <style type=”text/css”>.pagebreak { page-break-before: always; }</style>

      2.) Then use it in the text where needed:

      <div class=”pagebreak”>&nbsp;</div>

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks for your post.

      Is there a way to access the draft Offer Letter feature through OData API. Is this supported as of now ?


      Author's profile photo Heiko Lenk
      Heiko Lenk
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Balaraj,

      appologies for replying only now, I've had some issues with email notifications from this blog. With the introduction of the save as draft option, there has not been introduced the possibility to access this via OData.

      Would this be an idea to replace the offer letter from an external application?

      Thanks, Heiko


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I actually had to add the following in order to have the page breaks in the offer letters:

      1.<style type=”text/css”>.pagebreak { page-break-before: always; }</style>

      -at the beginning of the source code-

      2.<p class="pagebreak">Text sample</p>

      -whenever needed-


      Note: I've tested this option only when sending the offer letters as a PDF attachment.


      Author's profile photo Heiko Lenk
      Heiko Lenk
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Adelina, so the option given above did not work for you?


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Heiko! How do partners trigger a re-indexing? It was not in the SAP release notes and this is really useful functionality to be able to utilise!

      Author's profile photo Heiko Lenk
      Heiko Lenk
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Tahlia,

      I have to say that currently it is no longer possible to initiate a reindex. We had to take this again away from partners as this has been used quite excessively so that it has become a burden for our landscapes. There are now plans to make this available again in the future in a more controlled manner.

      Hope this helps, Heiko



      Author's profile photo Aswini Yagati
      Aswini Yagati


      I am unable to start interview scheduling for the forwarded candidates in production instances. What could be the problem. Please help



      Author's profile photo Heiko Lenk
      Heiko Lenk
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Aswini,

      can you possibly post this question in the community with more information on the system behavior? Or you may choose to open an incident, in case you would think this is a defect.

      Thanks, Heiko