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Chrome 56 Tests were completed by NetWeaver Test Center and Suite Test Engineering

Chrome 56 has been tested by the SAP test teams with NetWeaver versions 7.02, 7.30, 7.31, 7.40 and 7.50. Tests for UI5 , V1, V2, 1.40,1.42, 1.44 and the latest masterBranch were executed as well.

Suite Test Engineering has also executed central qualification tests for Chrome 56. The tests were performed for S/4H Cloud Edition, S/4H on Premise and Suite on HANA.

No major issues were detected except for a new Google issue (687061) that hopefully will be resolved soon.

Chrome 56 delivers new developers features and improvements. For further details click here.

For restrictions and limitations, see the Chrome general  note 1655306.

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  • Hello Orit,

    The Google Chrome 56 bug with SAP Portal is a major issue for my company.

    SAP released 2 notes (2372722 and 2421240) describing the issue. They both claims the solution to the problem is in the latest EP-RUNTIME patch but you are linking us to a Chrome forum  (687061) where Google is investigating and possibly working in a solution as well.

    It will take us some time to implement any patch in the Portal so should I expect to have any new version of Chrome with a fix for this issue in the next days?

    Is SAP working with Google to find a solution to this issue in the browser side?


    Best regards,

    Fabricio Pereira


      Hello Fabricio,

      The 2 notes you had mentioned (2372722 and 2421240) are not related to Google bug I had mentioned in my blog. The issue you had mentioned was caused due to changed behavior in Chrome 54. Google decided not to change it back (refer to Issue 650156 ) therefore SAP provided the fix instead (in SAP note #2372722). This fix is required from Chrome 54 and up.

      The issue I had mentioned in my blog is a different issue (Google issue 687061),which has a significant impact on performance. Google is handling this issue and approved the merge into Chrome 56 so it is expected to be available in a few days. 

      Hope it is clearer now.

      Regards, Orit

  • Hi Orit,

    We are also facing issue in Chrome 56 version due to which our ESS/MSS portal page is not getting load.

    As per SAP note 2421240, issue is under investigation by Chrome development team. We have also not planned to update EP-RUNTIME. So requesting you to confirm if Chrome development team will take care of this issue in new version or else we should update EP-RUNTIME and its dependencies.



  • Hi Orit,

    Thanks for your response.

    Performance issue describe in SAP Note 2422288 is still not get resolved and due to this, we are still not planned to update our systems.

    Please confirm by when performance issue  will be resolve.





      Hi Rajkumar,

      Google planned to merge the fix early, but since the change was too large, it introduced a lot of risk, therefore, unfortunately the fix will be available only at M58. Please refer to Google issue  687061).