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Volunteering at the Dublin Heritage Park

By Bill Bentley and Murthy Ayyagari


Last Friday, nearly 20 San Ramon technical support staff volunteered its time and energy to the Dublin Heritage Park. In total, there were three projects the Park needed assistance with–moving equipment, organizing storage, and cataloging sign permits. We did just that with the utmost enthusiasm and joy as we could muster–and it was a lot!


The first project–moving equipment–which included things like event signs, rodeo saw horses, and mannequins, was done in no time and we quickly moved on to project number two–freeing up room in storage for newer items.


When we first saw the “no-more-room-left-in-here” state of things, we began to sort, purge, and consolidate everything. It was a group effort as we all dug in, and it quickly became clear that we had a road to success and it turned out quite nicely. At the end of our task, they not only had it organized by “type” but they had much more room in there to add to their programs, supplies, and simple storage than they had before.


The last project required cataloging of old sign permits for company signs in Dublin. Most of these records were dated from ‘70s to the ‘90s. It was interesting to see which businesses have stayed around and what has changed in the last 40 years. We came across old pictures, which included gas prices from the ‘70s–talk about a real eye opener! After all, where can you get “regular” for 80 cents anymore? The information we organized and catalogued will eventually be used to finish a history book on the city of Dublin. How cool is that?!

We enjoyed the folks at the Dublin Heritage Park and helping them in keeping their wonderful park in tip top shape!


Be sure to check out some of the photos from the volunteering opportunity.

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