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Reporting on price components


I was now asked multiple times if there is a way to report on different price components for a sales document. There is currently no CRM data source providing these data, but please have a look at the data source FINPRFU10, which provides this information. An example report based on this data soure could look like the following:

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  • Thanks for that Stefan! It's useful, but for our purposes it is not quite what we need yet:

    • for the "List Price" component (7PR1), we would like to be able to see the ID of the price list used (so that we can determine in a report if it came from e.g. a customer-specific price list, or another price list)
    • for the "Surcharge" component (7PR3) we would like to be able to see the origin, particularly in cases where more than 1 surcharge was applied (in which case we would like to see the split)

    Having said that, we appreciate this, it is useful!