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Embedding a hierarchical report in C4C

Hi Everyone

In my previous blog Creating and embedding a hierarchical report in C4C I talked about how to create a Hierarchical report in C4C

In this blog let us look at how to embed this in a screen and pass contextual information.

Embedding reports is very simple in C4C, and as an Administrator you can adapt your screens to embed a report view. In my example, I have a hierarchical report to show the rolled up Opportunity values for Accounts that are displayed as a hierarchy. I would now like to embed this report in an Accounts TI, and be able to show the rollup for this account and for the accounts under it

Login as an Administrator, open the Accounts TI and choose to adapt the screen. If you want to embed your report in the Overview facet, simply click on the + sign shown below and choose Add Embedded Reports

If you want to embed this on another facet – like the Opportunities facet, click on the Arrow implying ‘to Parent’ till you reach the one that shows you the option to Embed reports

On clicking Add Embedded Reports, the system will present an option of the Report Views. Look for your report and select it. On selection, you would also see the Selection Parameters from your report view. You can select a selection parameter to map it to a screen field. This ensures that the report is launched with a value passed from a mapped screen field. In my example, since this is embedded in an Accounts TI, I would like to pass the value of the Account to the selection parameter of the report. You can also specify whether the report should be displayed on launch of the facet or should it be collapsed

Once these settings are applied, the report would be displayed as an embedded hierarchical report

You can further use the Analyze Data option to navigate to the Report View. All other features of Report navigations work as well, allowing you to drill down into the details. Eg: navigating to an opportunity directly from here

We also recommend using the Hierarchy Buffering feature to optimize the performance, as well as to consider if all the roles within an organization need hierarchical views of the report. If not, then these facets can be adapted to show the hierarchical views only for those Roles and assigned Page Layouts that are really required to see the data that way

Although multiple reports can be embedded in C4C, I recommend you to read this blog on Perfomance considerations for the same

Performance Guidelines for embedding reports in the overview page



Cheers !





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      Author's profile photo Rishikesh Sah
      Rishikesh Sah

      Thanks Vinita for nice blog, was working on it now.

      Also, is it possible to adjust the layout of the embedded reports, if there are more than one embedded reports. currently it shows one after the other on account.


      Checking if there are any setting to make it in same row... like 

      Please let me know, if there is an option to do this on HTML or RUI...

      Thanks In advance.....




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      Former Member

      Thank you so much for sharing this post.

      I have solved my problem seeing this blog.

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