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Creating and embedding a hierarchical report in C4C

Hi Everyone,

This blog talks about how to create a hierarchical report in C4C and the next blog Embedding a hierarchical report in C4C would talk about how to embed this with contextual information in a C4C TI

Creating a hierarchical report is very simple via the Business Analytics WoC. I have taken the use case of creating an Opportunity Line Items report arranged by Account hierarchy for selection as well as display

The simple steps are highlighted below

  • Select New Report from the Design Reports WoC


  • Specify the Report name and the Data source – eg: I have used the Opportunity header and Item Data source
  • Assuming you have then selected the Key Figures and Characteristics for your report in steps 2 and 3, you move over to step 4 to define the characteristic properties. Select the  ‘Account’ characteristic and specify ‘Using Variables’ in the Value Selection column and ‘Fixed Hierarchy in the Hierarchy column ‘. This basically allows you to make hierarchical selections in your report for the Account attribute
  • You can go over the remaining steps and create a View for this report from step 7
  • There are basically 3 main aspects of the Report View
    • The Selection – based on Account hierarchy
    • The Report Display – Arrange opportunities under the relevant account, and show the Accounts in a hierarchy
    • Show Opportunity Values at individual account level as well as summation values at parent levels all the way up
  • Selection based on Account hierarchy – The Account attribute should have been selected as a characteristic to be displayed and make selections on 


  • Having specified the fixed hierarchy setting during the report definition, you would now be able to select hierarchical values – selecting a parent would mean selecting this parent as well as its children. You can also make specific selections In the image above, all opportunities for Brightster India as well as that of all Accounts would be selected. If only specific Accounts are needed instead, then selections can be made for these accounts where it doesn’t represent itself as a node. Eg:

Now let’s talk about the hierarchical display of information –

  • To be able to display Accounts as a hierarchy, you also need to specify this in the settings of this attribute 
  • Grouping opportunities under the Account – Using the Gear Icon at the top right hand corner, you can select the Table settings and define your settings for the hierarchical display. Based on the characteristics selected for display and their order, the data would be arranged as a hierarchy  Since the Characteristics and their Order represent Account -> Opportunities, they are arranged accordingly in the table display  If you include another characteristic, it would be used for grouping too. Eg: Account -> Sales Organization -> Opportunity 
  • Finally, let’s see how to show the summations as well for the aggregating nodes. Using the gear icon and table settings again, specify how the result rows should be summed up.

The report now shows the following:

1. Individual Opportunity Values

2. Aggregation of Opportunity values under that Account

3. Aggregation of Opportunity values under a sub-account of that account

4. Overall aggregated values across all selected accounts

The next blog Embedding a hierarchical report in C4C talks about how to embed this report in an Account TI to see roll-up Opportunity Values

Cheers !


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      Thanks a bunch Vinita! Just in time when I need this for our reports!