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Coming soon: The NEW SAP Help Portal!

The SAP Help Portal ( is the main customer-facing hub for customers to access user assistance content for using SAP product. The site has been an important resource for customers for many years, and it contains a huge wealth of information.

SAP’s User Assistance team has completely redesigned the site, and is nearly ready to go live with the all-new SAP Help Portal. The new site does away with the long navigation structures in favor of a simple, search-based interface. But it doesn’t stop there. The content is more clearly organized, easier to consume, and customers can now also give feedback on content that is passed directly to the responsible teams to allow for quicker corrections, when needed. Finally, the underlying infrastructure has also been completely rebuilt, and now allows for much quicker publication, and even access to content to other systems using via API (still in pilot phase)

Key features:

  • Simple, lightweight design makes content easy to find and consume
  • Modern, responsive look and feel brings the Help Portal up to speed with 1DX
  • Publishing content dramatically easier for over 700 user assistance professionals
  • API integration being piloted to integrate with other systems to provide in-line content and search interfaces

The new help Help Portal will go live soon and will be accessible at Stay tuned for more information and videos showing you all the great changes to come!

To watch the video, click the image above, or click here.

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  • This video doesn't really show anything. I'd really appreciate being able to see a demo of what the new experience will look and act like. I'm fairly concerned, as the 1DX design was made for marketing sites and is quite bad for sites where the goal to get work done in an efficient manner. I and many others use a *lot*, and it would be a real problem if it became significantly less usable. Please share more and solicit feedback from users and the community before doing a full launch.

  • Hello Ethan,

    Thank you for your comments and interest in the help portal. Regarding this video, it is only intended to be a "teaser" to generate some curiosity in advance of the launch. When the new site goes live, we will offer a more concrete video showing users how to navigate the new site. We also strongly believe that the new pages are easy to use and self explanatory, so there shouldn't be any need for upfront learning before the go-live date.


    • It looks like there is a beta available here:


      Is this what we should expect more or less? If we see issues, where should they be reported?




      • Hi Ethan,

        yes this is the beta version where we are making the final preparations for going live. Once the new Help Portal goes live, you will simply need to go to Any links you have saved will still work. If you notice any issues, you can use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom to create a message for our support team.



    • Hi Stefan, thanks for your interest in the API. Currently it's still in a limited pilot phase. I'll be sure to pass your interest on to our development team, and we'll certainly post some detailed information as the API is made available to more potential consumers.



    • Hi Christopher,

      I'll be a little bit more specific about the "At least it should work!" by Eduardo. Currently two issues that I've found:

      Links to the "old" URL that are i.E. used in Blogs like: CDS – One Concept, Two Flavors but currently there are pointing to "We're sorry, but this content is not accessible.". Only when I change the URL to I'm back in business.

      Also the page with the Legal Disclaimer for Links does not show the button which brings you to the actual page anymore i.e.:

      Hope this issues can be fixed soon.

      Best regards