From SAP BO 4.2 onwards we have option to connect webi with HANA view in 4 ways efficiently. I am writing up them below with high level steps of navigation to achieve them.


Option 1:Using Universe on top of HANA view and build webi with that universe


This method is available from older version. I should say this was the only option that was available in earlier version of SAP Business Objects to connect to SAP HANA views. To achieve this a universe need to be created on SAP HANA view.  Go to IDT and create universe and then build a webi report on this universe.


For more details on the steps follow below link


Option 2:Webi connecting with HANA view directly


This was the most expected release in new version. Here from webi development environment we are getting option to connect to the HANA views.


Below are the steps those need to be performed.


Step 1: Open webi rich client and connect with the Business Objects server to get the list of HANA connections from managed list of connections from Business Objects server.


Step 2. Above step will list down all the views based on the packages they are assigned in the HANA system. Select the package from where you have your view.


Step 3. Once it is done it will populate the webi query panel




Option 3: Using SAP HANA Online connectivity


This option is also introduced in SAP BO 4.2 version. In this option when we will be going to connect to the HANA view from Webi there is no Webi query layer to build webi query.


Step 1: Select the HANA Online connection after connecting your webi client to SAP Business Objects server. When webi rich client goes with the HANA online connectivity it will list relational connects only. Once we will select that connection it will list down all the packages and holding views.


Step 2: After selecting one of the view it will take us to the reporting layer directly without allowing us to build webi query. There is no concept of webi query in this scenario



Option 4: Connecting HANA views using Free-hand SQL


Free-hand SQL is another option that got introduced in SAP BO 4.2 When Webi connects using Free hand SQL option it will list down all the HANA relational connection list from the Business Objects server. Once this connection is selected it will give a query script editor to write the query


Step 1: Selecting Free-hand SQL option


Step 2: Selecting relational HANA connection from available list of connection from SAP BO server


Step 3: Writing select query to form Webi Query


Step 4:  Running Webi Query


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  1. Andreas J.A. Schneider

    Of particular interest are the pros & cons of the various connection methods::

    1. Direct Access to HANA = OLAP Style, brings in hierarchies.
      Drawbacks: All dimension have default hierarchies assigned to them (confusing), this is the same behaviour as when connecting Webi directly to an SAP Bex query by the way.
      Another drawback is the flat list of Dimensions and measures (no grouping using folders that is), and no predefined query filters (for which one would need a universe as well).
      Overall performance is affected by (necessary) metadata queries as well as multiple queries to get key figures at different levels of  any involved hierarchies in the result set.
      Queries are generated by WEBI in MDX code.
    2. Online HANA is relational (SQL) access:
      Webi’s Microcube is cirumvented for good and bad; that means way more round trips to HANA DB to get data when slicing & dicing, which I do not deem to be so advantageous in the end.
      Queries are generated by Webi in SQL code.

    What seems to be missing is http access to HANA from Webi, keyword: INA, which is supported by SAP DesignStudio when accessing SAP HANA, and which looks to be the preferred way to connect to HANA as far as I am aware.

  2. Sanjit Jha

    Hi Abhishek


    Thanks for this  document. We are using option 2 to create reports through Webi. However we are having issues with data (getting different output) when we see the data using Web intelligence than using Analysis for Office or HANA studio (Analysis for Office and HANA studio is showing correct data but webi showing it wrong).

    We are trying to explore “Option 3: Using SAP HANA Online connectivity”. How do we create this connection in CMC. When i use “SAP HANA Online” option” in Webi , i dont see a connection atall.

    Appreciate you guidance on this.



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