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RAM Memory Utilization Part 2 / 2

In continuation of RAM Memory Utilization Part 1 in previous article,

In this article, we will discuss which processes consumes much more RAM and check whether some

of the processes are required to run the application ?

This is applicable to Suse Linux Unix.

To check which processes consumes much more RAM, then type the unix command

# top

after you get the screen , press “shift”: + “f” key then the another screen is displaying as shown in the

figure below



Press n key and  then press enter key.


As shown in the figure above, the process such as “scanner” , “masvc” and “save” do not belongs to

SAP application . Find out the purpose of the above mentioned processes and whether these are

required for SAP Application servers. If these are not relevant, then request Unix team to stop the

processes and thus free up more memory available.


What happens to RAM when we kill unwanted processes such as scanner etc.

Answer: Either value will be increased in Cached column (first line) or in Free column (Second Line)

However Unix command “top” is used in in customer Dashboard

Tthe result will show almost “zero” free memory available. There is no need to panic because this is

mechanism of Linux memory architecture.

Reference :

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