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4 Reasons Startups Should Work with Elite Software Developers

It seems like every startup needs to work with software developers these days. Whether it’s building a custom website, an app, or even developing a unique software product, more and more startups are hiring software developers. Especially as consumers become more savvy with digital products, it’s more important than ever for startups to have a digital presence to attract more customers.

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Of course, hiring talented employees is crucial in the early stages of any company, but hiring great software developers is easier said than done. It’s a highly technical role and identifying elite talent can be very difficult. Plus, the tech talent shortage is real, and working with elite software developers can be very expensive. However, even with those cons, working with talented developers is incredibly important to a startup’s success.

Here are 4 reasons startups should work with elite software developers:

  1. Consumers have no patience for digital products.

Who hasn’t yelled at a website because it loads too slowly? In fact, 40% of consumers will abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load, and 79% of shoppers said they would be less likely to buy from the same vendor again if they had a negative experience online. If a startup hires a bad software developer or a web builder tool, they won’t be able to optimize their website for speed, and if they provide anything less than an impeccable digital experience, the startup will inevitably lose customers. Considering that more than a third of consumers discover new businesses online, it’s absolutely essential that startups have a strong digital presence to succeed.

  1. If you pay for a bad developer, you get bad software.

It’s worth reiterating a concept touched in the section above: you get what you pay for. If a startup’s budget is strapped, they could pay less for a less experienced software developer, but that leads to several problems. First, software development is hard. If you work with a beginner software developer, they will give you bad code. Many startups write this off as okay for the MVP, thinking that they can always hire talent later to clean it up, but if that’s the logic, then the startup is ultimately paying for the same project twice. Bad developers also aren’t good at estimating project deadlines, let alone anticipate the bugs they create in the code, so while elite developers may be expensive, they save startups money in the long run by providing a more efficient development process that needs less maintenance upon completion.

  1. Freelancing makes it easier to hire great talent.

10 years ago freelancing was difficult. However, with software communication tools like Slack and Skype, the prevalence of 4G, as well as electronic payment systems like PayPal, freelance work has become more common, and these technological developments have even made feasible the concept of working remotely full-time. So what does this mean for startups? If they’re looking to hire elite software developers, they can hire them on a per-project basis and not deal with the costs of employing them in the long-term. This gives startups greater flexibility with their budget and makes hiring elite talent more of a possibility for a startup with financial constraints. With great resources out there detailing how to hire freelance talent, there is no reason for startups not to work with the best talent they can find.

  1. Elite developers provide more than just elite code.

First and foremost, elite software developers are reliable, and they will build a great codebase for a startup. That alone makes it worth their price, but elite developers have another asset to offer: their experience. Unlike mid-level developers, elite talent has years and years of experience working with teams to bring to the table.  Elite developers often have experience working with designers, marketers, growth teams, and more, and they are effective communicators across departments to ensure that the right software is being built. In this capacity, elite developers can function as project managers and ensure that each team is working towards a common goal. Not only can elite developers ensure quality in their own work, but they can push the entire team to a higher level of professionalism.
These are just a few reasons startups should work with elite software developers. Despite their price tag, the best in the business come with numerous benefits that startups shouldn’t ignore. So what do you think? Should startups work with elite developers? Leave a comment below!

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