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HCP beginner – to get account, application, service…

SAP is a cloud company driven by SAP HANA in-memory technology. We have 110 million cloud subscribers and 41 state-of-the-art data centres around the world. We offer cloud apps (SaaS) for all lines of business, a market-leading cloud platform (PaaS), and flexible on-demand infrastructure (IaaS). You can rely on proven enterprise cloud security and hosting services – and choose from a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment.

What is HCP

HCP (HANA Cloud Platform): SAP HANA Cloud Platform is an open platform-as-a-service that provides unique in-memory database and application services.

It is the proven cloud platform that enables you to rapidly develop new applications or extend existing ones. Enabling anyone to extend SAP applications in minutes, all in the cloud

What is PaaS

PaaSPlatform-as-a-Service):  is a way of delivering applications over the Internet. Customers can access SaaS applications right from a Web browser, which means there is no hardware or software to buy, install, maintain, or update. The SaaS provider takes care of everything – and the customer always has the latest version of the application.


HCP Services

HCP service.png

  • Developer new Cloud application and deploy to Cloud, to implement rapid user interaction
  • Extend existing feature on SAP system(on-premise)

You are a traditional SAP system like ERP, CRM, MM user, you may extend the existing function through HCP, for example developer your own UI5, Fiori Launch Pad for user interface, and connect to your existing SAP system through Hana Cloud Connector. This will make your application more suitable for using on Mobile.

  • Extend existing feature on Cloud

You may customize/extend current Cloud application, like SuccessFactor

Current service list:

Authorization Management API Connectivity Service Business Services with YaaS
Debugging Applications Document Service Gamification Service
Git Service OData provisioning Internet of Things (IoT) Services
Keystore Service Lifecycle REST API Monitoring Service
OAuth 2.0 Service Persistence Service Profiling Applications
SAP Cloud Identity Service SAP HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services SAP HANA Cloud Portal
SAP Jam SAP Mobile Documents

To get your HCP account

  1. 1. Chose your account type based on your requirement
Developer Account Customer Account Partner Account
Benefits •Free of charge
•Self-service registration
•Unlimited period
•A trial tenant database on a shared HANA MDC system that you can use for 12 hours.
•Multiple deployed Java applications
•Automatic access to SAP HANA Cloud Portal, SAP Mobile Platform, and Gateway as a Service
Support for productive applications •It includes SAP Application Development licenses to enable you to get started with scenarios across cloud and on-premise applications.
•It offers the opportunity to certify applications and receive SAP partner logo package with usage policies.
•Partners can advertise and sell applications via the SAP Store
Limitations •One trial account for a trial user
•One running Java application
•1 GB of database storage
•1 GB of document storage
•One user per account
•One SAP HANA tenant database
•100MB for all Git repositories
•Two configured on-premise systems with the Cloud connector
•Cloud connector supported only for Java and HTML5 applications
•No service level agreement with regards to the availability of the platform
•2 running Mobile applications
Resources according to your contract Predefined resources according to your partner package. More can be purchased if there is a need.
Landscape host  See Landscape Hosts

 See Landscape Hosts

Account Types

  1. 2. Get your account
  • For Developer Account

Go to HanaTrial Landscape (

cockpit logon.png

Click ”Register”, input your Email, user, password

The system will send you email to activate the user


  • For Customer Account

Go to, select your service package based on your requirement

hcp service package.png

You may also consultant with your SAP sales persson

  • For Partner Account

Go toSAP Application Development Partner Center  , register as SAP partner first.

Then select your service package based on your requirement.


Log into HCP Cockpid

Now you have your HCP account, try to logon your HCP cockpid according to your landscape

Account Type Data Center Landscape Host IP Range
Customer or partner account Europe

United States (US East)

United States (US West)

Asia-Pacific (Australia)
Developer (trial) account Europe (all developer accounts use this location)

You may chose any data center.

Then input the corresponding Landscape Host in IE to access HCP console (Cockpid)

Create your first UI5 application

Now, we have prepared all to enjoy the Hana Cloud Platform, let’s create our first UI5 application.

  • develop tool

SAP WEB IDE vs Eclipse

For Eclipse, you may download Mars orLuna, then install the UI5 plug-in

HCP provides SAP WEB IDE which has been configured correponding plug-in, so that you can use SAP Web IDE to developer your UI5 application directly

  • create project

Launch Web IDE in HCP, then switch to  Development view

web ide.png

File > New Project from Template SAPUI5 Application, type name like “ui5app”

The template will generate the neo-app.json configuration file and Index file, View file automatically

  • Deploy Project into HCP

Chose ui5app, from File menu then press Deploy

  • Execute Project

Logon to HCP Cockpit, find your deployed project ui5app in HTML5 Application

hcp ui5 application.png

Press ui5app and enter the application admin screen, you will see URL of ui5app.

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      Moya Watson

      Thanks Victor for the first-steps primer! And now you can use the cockpit in Chinese too (Simplified)!

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      Ervin Szolke

      Nice overview Victor! 😉