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query for printer disabled

Problem: slow printing in SAP


  • spool process shows ‘querying <printername>’ in SM50

  • process tracefile shows ‘Query for printer XXXX disabled for 300 seconds (query problems)’
  • process tracefile shows ‘Warning: lpq on printer XXXX took XX seconds!’
  • SM21 shows ‘Printer XXXX Temporarily Locked Due to Connection Problem’


Restart the SAPSprint and print spool service on the print server.

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  • we have had an issue, the DNS-resolution (on our SAP application server) did not work (due to an DNS-problem) – so all printers connected to that printserver did not work,

    on application server the ping to the printserver failed.

    in spool output workers was shown “query problem” ,


    is there any function or transactioncode in SAP,   (in SPAD or . . . ) 

    to reset or to check all connections to all failed printers (after the DNS issue had been fixed)

    or is it a to do manually for every spool or printer ?