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How to suppress CSA inbound queue generation after Order save via enhancement

By default after a service order is saved, there is a distribution lock set, which prevents you from editing this order in status transferring. Click edit button you will meet with error message below until it has successfully been transferred.

In blog Regarding Service Order distribution lock and status I

introduce the step how to avoid this distribution lock. Nevertheless there is still BDOC and an inbound CSA queue automatically generated. The purpose of CSA queue has already been well explained by Rohit Sharma in this thread:
In case you really would like that for a given transaction type, no BDOC and inbound CSA queue should be generated for whatever reasons, you can suppress this behavior by enhancement on function module CRM_ORDER_SAVE_OW.
In this function module, the BDOC and CSA queue will be created by function module CRM_ORDER_UPLOAD_SINGLE only when ALL the THREE condition in IF are fulfilled.
The second condition, lv_send_bdoc is controlled by a switch.
So the solution would be:
Create a new enhancement on function module CRM_ORDER_SAVE_OW:
Insert one line below:
Suppose you would like that for transaction type ZSRV, no BDOC should be generated, then the source code of run method:
    DATA lv_process_type    TYPE crmt_process_type.

    LOOP AT it_object_list ASSIGNING FIELD-SYMBOL(<guid>).
          iv_orderadm_h_guid     = <guid>
          ev_process_type        = lv_process_type
          admin_header_not_found = 1
          OTHERS                 = 2.

      CHECK lv_process_type = 'ZSRV'.

          iv_guid = <guid>
          iv_flag = 'N'.

Now the lv_send_bdoc will be set as false in the runtime according to the switch you set in enhancement, as a result no BDOC and inbound queue will be created any more.
Now after service order is saved you can still continue to edit.
Update on 2017-01-23
I am told by my colleague today that there is a better solution to leverage BAdI CRM_DATAEXCHG_BADI:

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