Extensibility / flexibility covers a broad spectrum of topics that allows customers to adopt standard business software to their business needs. The spectrum spans topics from business configuration, UI/forms/report layout adoption, custom fields, objects and logic, integration, custom terminology and translation to customer-specific help.


In order to get familiar with the functionalities you can go through the following tutorials, which is intended for extensibility developers at customer as well as partner side.



To be able to work with extensibility apps your user needs business roles that are authorized for the corresponding business catalogs

Business Catalog Name Business Catalog ID Description Supported Applications
Extensibility  SAP_CORE_BC_EXT  This business catalog enables you to create and maintain custom fields and custom logic, custom business objects, and custom CDS views. Custom Business Objects, Custom Fields and Logic, Custom CDS Views, Custom Catalog Extensions, Custom Communication Scenarios
Software Collection Export  SAP_CORE_BC_SL_EXP This business catalog enables you to add extension items to a software collection and export the software collection. Manage Software Collection
Software Collection Import SAP_CORE_BC_SL_IMP Import Software Collection

After having assigned your business roles with the right catalog authorizations you’ll have the needed applications on your Home Page within the Extensibility group.


Extension Transportation

See how to transport your solution from development to productive system.

Tutorial Parts for Custom Solution Extensions

Part I: Custom Business Object – UI (Bonus Plan)

Learn how to create a simple Application UI based on a Custom Business Object and Custom Catalog Extensions.
In the example a manager wants to define a bonus plan for employees.

Part II: Custom Business Object – Logic (Bonus Plan)

Learn how to enhance an Application with business logic.
In the example a bonus plan field is filled automatically and consistency is checked.

Part III: Custom Code List (Bonus Plan)

Learn how to create and make use of a Custom Code List data type.
In the example a release status code list is created and used in bonus plan UI and Logic.

Part IV: Associated Business Objects (Bonus Entitlement with – Plan & Sales Order)

Learn how to let a second Custom Business Object work with the first and a standard Business Object.
In the example a manager wants to create a Bonus Entitlement (= bonus calculation) based on sales volume.

Coming Next

Part V: Custom Fields (Product)

Learn how to add Custom Fields.
In the example a manager wants to define bonus relevant products so that employees get an additional bonus when they sell these products (percentage of the sales volume for them).

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