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Batch tracing report

recently I got a question if there is some way to easily find out, which customers got any of a batch-managed finished product, where a specific component batch was used. There is no out-of-the-box report, but by doing some data source joins this can be achieved, at least if we focus on a 1-level production.
In a first step we have to bring input and output nodes of a production orders together. This can be done by joining two data sources in the following way:

It is not really important which key figures you chose, you could also skip all key figures. The same applies to the characteristics besides those needed to do the selection and joins.

In a next step we need to enhance the data source with the real identified stocks being used for components as well as being created for the finished goods. I found that the identified stock contained in the data sources I just joined do not contain the actual data.

The best data source for actuals is the confirmation journal. Since we have to deal with both input and output products we need to create another join with our just created data source and two times the confirmation journal like this:

Now we are almost done. The only thing that is left is to now join the identified stock information from the production order output node with the outbound delivery details + enhancing the report with some outbound delivery header data. Therefore I did another join like this:

Based on this data source we can now create a report. It could for example look like this:

As you can see I selected a certain component batch and as a result get all customers together with the delivery ID, that have got any finished product that was produced using the input batch. Of cause you can play around with characteristics and key figures, e.g. to also identify production order.

Hope this helps.


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  • Hi Stefan,

    great example. Can we create a tracing report when there is multi step batch production? We have now 3 customers in spain requesting this traceability use case.

    In the pharma sector, can we trace from the the initial raw materials to the end-customer and be legaly compliant with their regulations? What are the limitations?

    Thank you,




  • Hi Ana, hi Bernd,

    having a multi-step tracking just using reporting capabilities seems to be almost impossible to achieve, because you need multiple iterations. My proposal is to do this via add-on or vote for improvement requests like , to increase the probability that this will be picked up in standard in a future release.

    Best regards,