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FAQ’s on Page Layout

1) What are the Types of Layout?
Master – Which will be applied for all the users
Page layout – will be applied for users of a business role for which the layout is assigned

2) Who can configure the page layouts?
Only key user can configure.

3) Unable to find a field while trying to add in Page Layout?
Fields should be available in the master layout first to be present in the list while trying to add it to a page layout

4) Does Personalization overwrites page layout configuration for that user?
Yes. If any personalization is done it will overwrite the page layout configuration for that user.

5) Can mashup and embedded reports be added to page layout?
Mashup and embedded reports cannot be added to a page layout, it can only be added to Master Layout (means you will not find the “Add Mashup” and “Add embedded reports” option)

6) Not able to move a field or section?
Changing the location of a field or section is available only in Master layout.
This will not work for Page Layout

7) How changes to page layout will take effect?
If there are any changes done to a page layout after all the assignments are done, it will not take effect automatically.
Let say you have done page layout assignments to a Business Object, and later if any further changes to a page layout is done, recent changes won’t reflect for the business users, So you need to go to “Assign page layout” for that Business role in the corresponding Business Object change the layout to master and change it again back to the concerned page layout.
Note: This doesn’t need to be done for all the Business roles. If done for one Business role, then the changes will be applied for all the business roles assigned to that page layout.

8) Can we change the label of a field in a page layout?
No, this can only be done in master layout not in any page layouts.

9) Not able to find Sales order Business Object in Assign Page Layout?
To make assignments for sales order screen, you should use Sales Quotes Business Object

10) Not able to find “Contacts” Business Object?
To make assignments for Contacts screen, you should choose “Business Partner” Business Object.

11) Can I assign page layout for more than one instance type for a Business Object?
No. page layout can be assigned to only one instance type for respective Business Object.

12) Why there is unknown business roles in the “Assign page layout” screen?
This  Unknown Business Role either results from a deletion of a Business Role after an assignment was made to it or most likely from an import where the source tenant had more or other Business Roles defined for which assignments had been made but which are not present in this tenant.
By showing these assignments the Key User can now easily see if there is a mismatch between the Business Roles used for Page Layout assignments in source and target tenant.

13) How and When to clean the Unknown Business Role?
By setting the assignments back to Master Layout of the Unknown Business Roles the lines will disappear. The Key User can do this for cleaning up after making sure that the corresponding roles are missing by intention.

14) What should be done if the page layout does not work for an EC?
The assignment should be done to the Parent Business Object where the EC is embedded.

15) What should we do if the page layout is not applied to RUI?
The layout assignment should be done for the tablet floor plan.

16) What will happen if the instance type is changed for a Business Object in “Assign Page Layout”?
This will delete all the previous page layout assignments made for that particular Business Object.

17) Can i add or remove queries specific to a  page layout?
 Yes you can add or remove queries in a page layout

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  • Good day,

    I would like to clarify what is the use or effect of assign the Page layout directly in the Business Rol view.  The question is because we already assigne it to the combination of Layout and Business objet type when in adaptation mode.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Monica Cotes,

      Basically there is not much difference between the both.

      Assignment to of layouts is done in Assignment matrix by a key user for the changes done in Adaptation mode.

      Now the UI switch options of assigning layouts in Business Role view comes to picture when a development user(Partner) has created a UI switch or any changes via SAP Cloud application studio and wants to assign that users. Then this is used.

      (as ideally development users are not recommended to perform key user changes)



  • Hi Vivek,

    in the landscape where customer has three tenants - Dev, QA, Prod, I have following question regarding layout exporting. In Dev tenant SDK solution reaches a stage in it's life cycle where initial solution has to be assembled and a patch needs to be created for further development activities.

    Patch introduces additional namespace where extension fields are created, and if patch is enabled for business users instead of original solution, what would happen if we would export page layouts in such case and we would try to import into QA? Does layouts reference back to original namespace, or best practie would be to do any layout changes only starting QA onwards?