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The wait is now over! After an 18-month beta phase, you can now use SAP Translation Hub productively.
If you’re new to SAP Translation Hub, check out What is SAP Translation Hub? first.
After that, or if you already know what SAP Translation Hub is and now want to use it productively, scroll down to Using SAP Translation Hub productively.

What is SAP Translation Hub?

If you’re looking for ways to streamline your translation processes and translate your UIs quickly and easily, why not leverage SAP’s wealth of translation and product knowledge that are available on SAP Cloud Platform? Overview of main features:

  • Reuse English UI texts during development
  • Translate UI texts into all 39 of SAP’s product languages
  • Consume texts using RESTful services
  • Translate the following texts as an integral part of workflow scenarios:
    • Properties files in the Git repository on SAP Cloud Platform
    • Individual files (properties, JSON, XLIFF, iOS strings)
    • Texts from ABAP systems via a remote function call (RFC)
  • See how good translations are by viewing a quality rating
  • Use SAP Translation Hub seamlessly from SAP Web IDE

For more details, including API reference information, see the user assistance for SAP Translation Hub.
If moving pictures are your thing, check out our range of overview and how-to videos on YouTube.
If you’d like some hands-on experience before taking the plunge, why not work through our tutorials on the trial landscape of SAP Cloud Platform?

Using SAP Translation Hub productively

How much does it cost?

They say the best things in life are free. We think so, too, which is why you can use SAP Translation Hub free of charge until further notice.

How can I get started?

If you already have a valid license for SAP Cloud Platform, all you need to do is to sign a special order form for SAP Translation Hub. To get the order form, just send an e-mail to

Sounds good. What can I expect in the near future?

We’re continually working on ways to improve SAP Translation Hub. The next set of features is set to be released in February (1702 release).
Furthermore, to ensure the best possible synergies with SAP Cloud Platform, the SAP Translation Hub roadmap is integrated in the SAP Cloud Platform roadmap.

I’ve played around with SAP Translation Hub, but using it for real is something else.

We understand. And that’s not a problem! If you’d like special attention when using it productively, what not give the Early Adoption Care Program a shot? You can sign up through February 28, 2017 at Customer Influence.

I’ve got some great ideas. Can I share them with you?

Sure! As part of our continuous improvement initiatives, we’d love to see you in the latest customer engagement initiative. For more information, check out the Multilingual Development and Translation with SAP Translation Hub (Cloud and On-Premise) page.

Alternatively, drop us a line using one of the following:

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