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  1. Alejandro Serrano

    Hi Antoine,

    I think you may be able to help me. I have a table in BW. I want to access to this table, pre-process it and apply a AFL predictive function (Single Exponential Smoothing). Then, I want to store the results and access them from BW. After some research, I managed to find 5 different ways to approach this problem:

    1. Using SQLScript from SAP HANA Studio
    2. Using Application Function Modeller (AFM) from SAP HANA Studio
    3. Using SAP Predictive Analytics (SAP PAA)
    4. Use BW report (ABAP) to trigger a SQL PROCEDURE
    5. Using Predictive Algorithms native in BW

    When I run the model from SAP PAA it works well and writes the results in HANA. It also generate many new tables, views and Procedures. Then I exported the chain to my HANA. But when I try to run the procedure from my HANA Studio, I failed. Please, have a look to https://answers.sap.com/questions/148420/five-approaches-to-execute-a-predictive-afl-functi.html.

    Thanks and regards!



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