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How to Change the Default UI – Preferred Client

Hi Guys,

How you know the Cloud for Customer has 3 different user interfaces (UI) that you can use:

Silverlight UI


Responsive UI (RUI)

You can personalize what UI you will start your system when accessing the URL tenant (i.e.

For it, just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Inside the HTML5, go to “Adapt>Company Settings”
  2. Under the tab “Client” select the Default Client that you prefer.

After restart the application your changes already will be applied.

Best Regards

Khayan Padilha

Support Consultant, SAP Product Support

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  • Hi,

    is it also possible to Change this based on user roles?

    We have the requirement that a Group of users should already use RUI (while standart is still HTML5), but when they get email links (i.E. Tasks) or when they click on a link in the Outlook Add-In they will be redirected to the html5 UI.


    This is of course no nice behaviour for the end-user.

    Best Regards


  • Hi All,


    We need to do per a group of users too (from different user roles)

    Can you advise how to achieve this please?




    • Hi Bee,

      I hope you are fine.

      There is the option to use business roles to assign different Preferred Client.

      1. Go to "Company Settings".
      2. In "Define Settings for:", select Role.
      3. Then in Client tab, in "Preferred Client" you can choose Fiori Client or HTML.

      Please refer the screenshot below.

      I hope it can help you.