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Best UI5 app ever …

Best UI5 app ever?

I once saw PacMan built in UI5 at a CodeJam. And 5 minutes after that we got a demo of SAP Sports One, also built in UI5. Sure, we all know that SAP Fiori applications are built with SAPUI5. And yes, it is a powerful framework to use building your applications. But when I saw PacMan and Sports One, I realised that the framework offers much more than I expected.

That’s how Suzanne van den Bergh and I came up with the idea to create the UI5 Top 5. A community search for the best UI5 app ever.

Rules of the game
You can either use SAPUI5 or OpenUI5 for your app, no PowerPoint, Axure or Build. Submit working apps only. Send in your app in the comments of the YouTube video or in the comments of this blog. Or send me a tweet (@tbroek) and use the #UI5Top5 hashtag. Make sure you do so before March 15.You can send in your app with a working URL to the actual app. Or you can send me a recording of your app. If you have any question on how to enter the game, please let me know.Categories
We’ll strive to make it an honest community competition. And as you cannot compare apples and oranges, we’ll probably create some categories like:

  • Business use
  • Gaming
  • Private use

Challenge us and make it as hard as possible for the judges 😉

Validation criteria
The jury, soon to be announced, will validate all submissions on the following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • User Experience
  • Technical challenges

Announcement of the UI5 Top 5
The UI5 Top 5 will be announced at UI5con in Frankfurt on March 24.

Ready for the game? Send in your best UI5 app before March 15 and maybe you’ll make it to the UI5 Top 5 of best UI5 apps ever!


And now – the results


5 Manuel Will – The Simplifier

  • Lots of custom controls
  • Not themed, but not boring due to layout and component composition
  • Pro category


4 Mustafa Bensan – mySmartApp for Business Objects Design Studio

  • Great use of custom controls for graphs and networks
  • Visually appealing
  • Challenging to spice up an entry dialog
  • Pro category


3 Kannan P Kumar – UI5 CodeWalker

  • Very nicely themed
  • Not your regular app, something quite different
  • Learning UI5 to a next level
  • Playful category


2 Brandon Webb – Home alerts app

  • Packaged into a real mobile app
  • Very nice functionality
  • Custom controls and themable
  • Pro category


1 Andreas Legath – Party app Juketube

  • Creative use case
  • Huge potential
  • Not so responsive
  • Playful category


Congrats to the winners of the first #UI5Top5!



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