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Dockerized Cassandra-Part2

Overview on Cassandra

History of Cassandra

  • Cassandra was developed at Facebook for inbox search.
  • It was open-sourced by Facebook in July 2008.
  • Cassandra was accepted into Apache Incubator in March 2009.
  • It was made an Apache top-level project since February 2010


Apache Cassandra is a highly scalable, high-performance distributed database designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure. It is a type of NoSQL database. Let us first understand what a NoSQL database does.

Docker Installation & Creation of a Cassandra Cluster Using Docker Image.


Enter “ sudo su “ to change it to Root user.

Enter “ apt-get update “ for updating the available packages.


Install Docker

wget -qO- | sh

sudo usermod -aG docker $(whoami)


Restart the Docker demon

sudo service docker restart


Creation of Cassandra Cluster

Run the below command to create a Cassandra instance

Sysntax: docker run –name some-cassandra -d cassandra:tag

In the above command,

  • “some-cassandra” will be the container name.
  • “tag” will be the version of the Cassandra cluster to be installed.


Example: docker run –name ttc-cassandraG1 -d cassandra:3.7

ttc-cassandraG1: is the name of the container.

The above command, creates a single Cassandra instance, by pulling the docker image of the latest cassandra version.
a.  Run the below command to get the list of all available containers
-> “ Docker ps –a “

b. Use the docker run –link option to tell the new node where the first is


docker run –name some-cassandra2 -d –link some- cassandra:cassandra cassandra:tag

  • docker run –name ttc-cassandraG2 -d –link ttc-cassandraG1:cassandra cassandra:3.7
  • docker run –name ttc-cassandraG3 -d –link ttc-cassandraG1:cassandra cassandra:3.7

The above command creates 2 more Cassandra instances, by referring the 1st node.


Execute the command:

  • “ docker ps –a “

To view the list of all created containers.

And the Cassandra Cluster is created successfully.

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