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Outlook Add-in for SAP Hybris Cloud for customer F.A.Q

Below, you will find  the most frequently asked questions for Outlook Add-in for SAP Hybris Cloud for customer.



What are the versions of Operating systems that are supported?

Windows 7, Windows 8 and windows 10

What are the versions of Outlook that are supported?

There are different variants based on license. However most common supported versions are:

Outlook 2010

Outlook 2013

Outlook 2016

Office 365 clients ( supported only for 2013 and upwards )

What are the dependencies of the Cloud for Customer Outlook Add-in?

  • .Net 4.0 and Higher,
  • Visual Studio Tools for Office 2010

Please refer to documentation for more information on pre-requisites

Do I need to uninstall the C4C add-in to upgrade to a newer version?

No. The installer will upgrade the current version to the new one without the need to uninstall the current installed add-in.

Does the user need Local Administrator privileges to install the add-in? Yes. Can the IT admin install the add-in for users who do not have local administrator privileges?

Yes, the IT admin needs to remote login and install the add-in on the computer. The add-in is installed for all users of that computer.

Where do find the latest Add-In?

The latest add-in is always available in the Download page in the C4C application.

I cannot see the add-in. What do I do?

Check if the add-in is disabled – Click on File, Options, Add-Ins. See if you can locate the add-in in the Inactive Applications Add-ins. If yes, click on the Go button at the bottom of the screen. Select the checkbox next to the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Outlook Add-in and click on OK.

What forms of Login Authentication does the add-in support?

Regular Authentication where the user provides the C4C username and password Certificate based login SSO URL (SAML2) based login

Is extensibility supported in the add-in?

No. Currently extensibility is not supported

Do I need to add the Proxy to connect to C4C via the add-in?

By default the add-in uses the proxy connection settings from the IE. The user can also manually add the proxy information if required.


What are the C4C add-in functional restrictions that can be imposed?

The Key User can restrict the following from the add-in:

– Create Accounts
– Create and Update Contacts
– Synchronize Contact home details
– Synchronize emails from Outlook to C4C
– Synchronize email attachments from Outlook to C4C
– Synchronize appointments from Outlook to C4C
– Synchronize appointment attachments from Outlook to C4C
– Synchronize appointments from C4C to Outlook
– Synchronize tasks from Outlook to C4C
– Synchronize task attachments from Outlook to C4C
– Synchronize tasks from C4C to Outlook
– Check for the newer version in C4C server

Note that this can change depending on versions.


What Outlook items can be synchronized with C4C?

Account can be created from Outlook. Once created they cannot be updated from Outlook. They have to be edited and updated in C4C.

Contacts can be created and updated from Outlook. When creating contacts from Outlook the user must click on the Add Contact button to create it in C4C. To edit the user needs to make the change and save it. The updates are automatically pushed to C4C.

Appointments can be created and updated from Outlook. When creating appointments from Outlook the user must click on the Add Appointment or Send and Sync Appointment button. To edit the user needs to make the change and save it. The updates are automatically pushed to C4C.

Tasks can be created and updated from Outlook. When creating tasks from Outlook the user must click on the Add Task button. To edit the user needs to make the change and save it. The updates are automatically pushed to C4C

E-mails  can be created and updated from Outlook. When creating E-mails from Outlook the user must click on the Add Task button. To edit the user needs to make the change and save it.


What are the different ways to add/synchronize from Outlook to C4C?

The user can use the following ways: Click on the Toolbar button e.g. Add Contact, Add Appointment, Add task etc. Right click on the item and select the menu item e.g. Add Contact, Add Appointment, Add task etc. Drag and Drop the item on to the sidebar

What area can you drag and drop an item on the sidebar?

You can drop on Account Name, Opportunity, Lead. You can also drop it on the shelf view these objects.

What are the ways you can download a C4C contact to Outlook?

You can click on the Download Contacts in the settings dialog You can search for a contact in the search box on the top of the sidebar and then click on the green + button If the Always Copy Contacts option is selected in the settings dialog, then clicking on an email from a contact will download it and save it. If this option is not selected, then the contact information will be shown in the sidebar and the user needs to click on the green + button.

Does the add-in automatically send out invitations to meetings that are downloaded?

No. There will be popup shown in the task bar saying that there are appointments that have been downloaded. The user needs to click on the C4C icon in the task bar and select Send Meeting requests to Attendees.


What is the default status of a synchronized Email?

When an email is synchronized from Outlook, it is synchronized with the status ‘Completed’.

Why does the Feed Tab not show in the sidebar?

Outlook add-in does not support JAM. When the add-in connects to C4C, it checks if JAM is enabled. If it is then the Feeds tab is hidden.

What is the 4th tab in the sidebar?

It is for Notifications. Same as C4C. It will display the number of pending notifications. Clicking on it will reset the count in OL and C4C.

How often does the add-in synchronize with C4C?

The Add-in will synchronize every 2 mins. It is also tied to the send and receive function of OL. If a user sends or receives an email/appt or clicks on the send and receive button in OL, the add-in will trigger a sync.

Can I disable some functionalities from the Add-in, like New Version pop-up and restrict users from creating Accounts from Add-in?

Yes, you can do this via Business Roles from the system: Application & user Management > Business Roles > Field & Actions

What’s New: 1611

Please refer to this blog:

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  • Hello C4C Community,

    regarding the Outlook add-in; is there the possibility to hide the content of "private" Outlook appointments in the C4C calendar?

    Kind regards,


  • Hi, I have a problem.

    In the client there is a tab called "Activities" there I can create emails.

    It happens that when I send the direct mails of C4C do not arrive to the mail, they will know the reason? what should I do?

    Thanks and regards


  • hello, thanks for sharing this knowledge, very helpful.

    now i wonder is there a way to hide some functions in side pane such as opportunity/compaign part? since these functions will not be used.

    i tried to restrict through business role- business action, but i did not find any method related to hide these in side pane.

    do you have any better solution?

    Best Regards,

    Elena Xue

  • Hi Experts,


    Is there a time frame in which sync appointments from C4C to outlook are archived or no longer available?

    Is there a way to extend this time?

    Need to access my notes inside the appointment  from 04/09/14.

    Notes are in C4C,  but this appointment does not appear on my outlook calendar, not on my phone, ipad, or computer.

    Please suggest your views.



  • I'm an IT administrator and I'd like to automate this installation for a number of users. Are there specific installers for 32 bit and 64 bit machines?  Also, is there a command for the install to run silently?


    Brad Vukich


      We have the same need.  Would the server based add-in for add-in solve a lot of our issues?  None of our users have Admin rights and our users are not updating their versions.

  • Thank you Jean-Marie for sharing these FAQs.


    One more question:

    Synchronization of contact persons seems to be restricted to certain fields.

    For example the title/salutation (e.g. Mr. or Mrs.) isn't copied from C4C to Outlook

    C4C-Screenshot - with salutation "Mrs."

    Outlook-Screenshot (german UI) - without.


    This also is reflected, when you try to maintain the salutation in Outlook. --> Next Sync to C4C will end with Sync-Error-Message "Form of address key ... is not defined"


    Question: Is there any document, which describes these restrictions /limitations?

  • Hi Experts,

    I have two questions regarding the add-in functionality:

    1. If you create a contact with Outlook and synch it with C4C, you will not be automatically assigned as the owner of the contact. Is there a possibility to do so?
    2. Is there any functionality to influence the contact stauts (e.g. activ, in preparation), when the contact is created with outlook and syched to C4C?

    Thank you in advance for your help, I would really appreciate it!

    Best Regars
    Arnold Gildenbegrer