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Ariba Network Integration for SAP Business Suite – Connectivity test

Here is a visual guide to quickly test the connectivity between an SAP ECC system and the Ariba Network, when planning to use Direct Connectivity. I found this was an easy way to discover connectivity issues early on, when implementing the SAP Business .
Mediated Connectivity using SAP PI as the mediator and will be a part of a different post.


  1. Import the Ariba Network Server certificate – STRUST
    • Export the certificate from using internet explorer (click on the lock icon, details tab, export. Save as Base-64, X509)
    • Import in tr. STRUST under node SSL System Client SSL Client (Anonymous)

  • And Click the save button

  1. Make sure the HTTPS service is active -> tr. SMICM
  • Click the Services button

  • Menu: Service -> Create
  • Fill in the HTTPS configuration


  1. Create the RFC connection – SM59


  1. Test the RFC Connection – SM59
    • Open the created connection in step 3
    • Click Connection Test
    • Expect the HTTP 200 response

  1. Troubleshooting
    • Restart the ICM -> tr. SMICM, Menu: Administration -> ICM -> Restart -> Yes
    • Check the network firewall rules

Please find the product documentation at:

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    Hi Joe,

    Good Day!

    I’ve read through your blog. It’s helpful. we are establishing a connectivity between SAP PO and Ariba. and the flow is below.

    Ariba Sourcing(Quote Message) –> Ariba Buyer Network  –> SAP PO –> SAP ECC

    Messages are being triggered from Ariba sourcing to Ariba network and it’s waiting in Pending queue. But from SAP PO we are unable to download the same.


    We have done the IP whitelisting  and imported the certificates of in both TrustedCAs(USER) and DEFAULT(System- just a try :))

    Our SAP PO(resides in client landscape) communicates with external word using public ip(custom HTTPS port, not 443.

    System Info :

    SAP Process Orchestration- 7.5 single stack (Installed Ariba CI9 SP2 HF6 component)

    Ariba – CI9 SP2


    But we are getting the below error and in the channel we are not getting any logs and using XPI inspector, we have got the below logs.

    First Error:

    **HTTPS protocol can not be null. Unable to to connect to Ariba network without HTTPS protocol**

    Second error:

    This is not occurring all the time. But sometimes we are facing it.

    [Error Level] 2[Error Code] ERR301[Error Desc] Get Profile Transaction Failed[Error Message] com.ariba.asc.connector.exception.ConfigurationException:


    [CC_QuoteMessage_cXML_Sender] Failed to find channel profile in system cachecom.ariba.asc.connector.exception.GetProfileTransactionException: com.ariba.asc.connector.exception.ConfigurationException: [CC_QuoteMessage_cXML_Sender] Failed to find channel profile in system cache
    at Method)
    Caused by: com.ariba.asc.connector.exception.ConfigurationException: [CC_QuoteMessage_cXML_Sender] Failed to find channel profile in system cache
    at com.ariba.asc.connector.config.ConfigurationManager.getChannelProfile(

    Kindly let us know whether whether we are missing anything and is thereany other way to quickly test and also for getting logs in communication channel.


    Also let me know if you need further details

    It’s quite urgent. Thanks in advance for your support.