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One change which i forgot to cover in my first blog on advanced DSO for planning was the introduction of  three new planning functions  by SAP .

  • Delete DSO Records
  • Physically delete invalid data in the DSO
  • Repost data and physically delte source data.

These planning functions can only be used with the ADSO for planning.All three planning functions physically delete the records from the ADSO.This was not possible with the transactional infocubes.

If we had to delete records in a transactional cube then we had to first make the values 0 and then run a process chain to compress the infocube with zero elimination.This chain would either run with scheduled loads or be triggered from the application.This would unnecessarily complicate the design.

But now thanks to ADSO for planning and these new planning functions we dont need to depend on a process chain to do this for us.So the users can now do this by pressing a button and not having to wait for a process chain to complete so that they can resume working.

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  1. Rajarshi Muhuri

    Great to see these new features . You mentioned in your earlier blogs about triggering a process chain from Planning seqence . Any pointers on how to do that .

  2. Ruben Blok

    Hi Rajeev,

    Thank you for your blogs on IP in HANA Studio.

    For those that are having trouble getting the planning options on the BW Modeller, make sure you are using neon (not luna or mars) as the add-on.

    Can you please assist me with a scenario? I am trying to save data through an aggregation layer and need to auto populate some fields based on other fields entered.

    How would you recommend I do this? A planning sequence on save?

    Please email me on

    Thank you!


  3. Raf Boudewijns


    Just a small addition: you may need to install these extra “function types for planning” from the business content first (in this case: 0RSPL_DELETE_CR_DSO, 0RSPL_DELETE_DSO, 0RSPL_REPOST_CR_DSO) as they’re not available by default (at least not on BW7.5 SP05).


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