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SAP Business ByDesign in 2017

Die deutsche Übersetzung des Beitrags ist hier zu finden.

On 13th of December 2016 was the last DSAG work-group meeting of the year. The participants had the possibility to give feedback to the product and SAP officials gave a preview on the strategy and plans for the next year.


Licence Model

New SCM User

SAP get repetitive feedback that his Licence Model for SAP Business ByDesign is too inflexible. That`s the reason why SAP is working in cooperation with the DSAG work-group and some selected customers on ideas to ease restrictions of the current Model (the by now already known project management user was also a result of such a cooperation).

Currently there are no final results of the discussions but it occurs that SAP plans to release a new user type in supply chain area like the project management user. This user could then close the gap between the most expensive SCM user and the SCM Self-Service user.


Consumption based model

SAP is also thinking about to add a consumption based component to the current named user concept. One reason is the growing amount of partner solutions for which currently only a Self-Service user is needed The other reason is the amount of integrations in third-party application from which it is possible to transfer high volume of data in the SAP Business ByDesign system without having a user licenced (e.g. web shop).

In both cases the hosting effort of SAP doesn`t match to the licence price. In those cases it is possible that the customer uses the system more intensive as he has licenced it. In an internal project SAP is now searching for a solution but Rainer Zinow avouch that a so called consumption based component will only affect some few customers. The bigger part of the customers will not be affected from such a component.


Data Archiving

Currently there are no data archiving available for older data in SAP Business ByDesign. That means all data will be available for unrestricted time in in-memory access. This isn`t a problem yet but the question is what will be in 5-10 years? That`s the reason why SAP is developing first ideas how to archive older data in future.

In the DSAG work-group meeting we had a discussion about this topic. But nobody of the attendees saw a problem if in the future, parts of the data will only available in a “separated archive” instead of in-memory access (with regard to legal requirements).


Customer Incident Management for Partners

In one of the next releases there will be the possibility for partners to receipt customer incidents and send them back. Reason for that is the growing market of partner solutions. Therefore SAP will offer partners/customers the possibility that customers not only can send incidents directly to SAP. This has most relevance if a partner solution is affected.

The so called Customer Incident Management for partners would than be a further option beside the available Central Helpdesk Scenarios (CHD – Forwarding all incidents to central customer-/partner system).


Product Development and Strategy

At the begging Rainer Zinow informed the participants about that the development budget for SAP Business ByDesign is now increased by 50% which is a very positive sign. First next step is now to enable the new resources as soon as possible.



After the move to HANA three topics are on top of the list:

  • Move to HTML 5
  • Continuous performance improvements
  • Removal of TREX index

The move to HTML 5 is already running which is also visible in production systems since release 1611, but with restricted functionality. SAP is planning that all UI`s are available in HTML 5 until end of the year 2017. In meantime more and more functionality will be rolled out from release to release.

More regarding this topic is available here:

The second technology topic is performance improvements. Certainly there will be many different views about what is fast. A good post regarding this and concrete regarding the performance of SAP Business ByDesign is available here:

Performance improvements in this context means not only continuous smaller improvements, it also means to improve performance for larger objects. In respect to the architecture it is currently possible that for this objects high volume of data have to be processed during runtime which ends in some cases in longer response times.

Third topic is after the move to HANA the removal of the old TREX index which is now no longer needed because HANA has this in core functionality.



When we look back on the year 2016 it was dominated by functionality for professional services. Probably the reason was bigger customers like Roland Berger and others.

For 2017 there are also functionality planned for professional services but three other topics take place on the roadmap, too:

  • SAP ERP integration for subsidiaries
  • Public sector in the USA
  • New country versions and improvements of existing

Certainly there will be also delivered other functionality besides those core topics.


Ideas Place

Rainer Zinow also announced that SAP have now again more resources for Ideas place. This is important because in last two years this place was too untended. SAP delivered functionality from ideas place, this wasn`t the problem, but the ideas were not marked as delivered. And in general SAP does not keep enough tabs on the quality of the posts in Ideas Place. In reaction on that Ideas place lost reputation by customers and partners.

Now SAP is investing again and that`s a great message. First clean ups are already running and in 2017 Ideas Place will then be again the central place for customer feedback and proposals regarding functionality (

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      Author's profile photo Marcos Luis Vega Montes
      Marcos Luis Vega Montes

      Hi Andreas,

      Great news and even greater to hear them from you, keep 'em coming.