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often people ask me: “when is the right time to update/upgrade the HANA system?”. Normally if your system works fine and it meets the business requirements there is no need besides:

  1. Support
  2. Known functional bugs (e.g. wrong result or index server crash)
  3. Significant performance improvements
  4. Bugs which have influence to the consistency of the data

1) Support

End of support for SPS11 was in November 2016. So all new fixes for HANA 1.0 will get released in SPS12. Now not only till SPS13, because there will no SPS13. SPS12 has support from May 2016 till May 2019, because it is the last release of HANA platform 1.0

2) and 4) Known Bugs

Another reason for upgrading to latest release of SPS12 (currently: 122.05 12/2016) are the known bugs which are also connected with some issues regarding the consistency:

Product Description Note affected prior affected in SPS12
All Garbage Collection Fails for LOB Files of Row Store Tables 2351467 <= 112.05 <= 122.01
All Possible unique constraint violation when using non-ASCII Characters 2338166 <= 112.03 <= 121
All Insert of UTF-8 non-ASCII Characters Can Cause Wrong Dictionary Ordering 2339989 <= 112.03 <= 121
BW Possible Data Corruption after Activating Data in advanced DataStore Objects 2385658 >= 110 <= 122.03
All Possible Column Store Table Corruption 2375691 >= 110 <= 122.02
All Possible Rowstore Table Corruption When Continuous Page Flush is Enabled 2370160 <=122.03
All Join Engine Query Returns Unexpected Results in Aggregation of Large Intermediate Result Sets in 122.04 2403088 =122.04

Recommendation: Please check carefully if your system is affected by the bugs in 2375691 or 2370160! For details how to check them just the follow the instructions in the notes. If you hit one of this bugs, you have to restore your system to correct the affected tables!!!

3) Significant performance improvements

Just check the corresponding “known issues” note for your release for improvements:
2325090 – SAP HANA DB: Known issues detected in SPS12
2265103 – SAP HANA DB: Known issues detected in SPS11
2000002 – FAQ: SAP HANA SQL Optimization


So if you are currently running with 122.05 you are pretty save, but as you know from the past – every revision has its own “features”.
But another parameter which comes with 122.02 is unload_upper_bound which “reduces” the memory usage (details in note 2301382 – High “Used memory” in Pool/PersistenceManager/PersistentSpace/DefaultLPA/Page after upgrade to HANA SPS11 or a higher SPS). The heap memory usage with virtual file pages will be covered in the next blog. If you are intrested just follow me 😉


Update 1.1
HANA memory usage details and changes in SPS12
HANA memory usage details: Part 1 Shared Memory
HANA memory usage details: Part 2 Heap Memory

Update 1.2
2403088 – Join Engine Query Returns Unexpected Results in Aggregation of Large Intermediate Result Sets in 122.04

Update 1.3
Added 3)
HANA details part 3 tech. changes in sps12

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  1. Hwa Siang Kok

    The recent patching path for HANA SP12 has been frustrating to say the least.

    Guided by SAP’s “Revision and Maintenance Strategy” slides that advocated us to move to the next DSP Revision – Rev. 122), we wanted to run an upgrade from SPS09.

    We were assured (deceived – actually) that the DSP Revision was the one that we wanted, because it has “already run in SAP Production systems for 2+ weeks”, and it is Recommended to “SAP customers with HANA installed in their Production systems” (customers who valued reliability and stability above new features; customers who are not early adapters).

    And the DSP revision available for us was SP12 (122.02) back in Sep 2016. So we went for that revision.

    So we went live with 122.02 back in Oct 2016. And just a couple weeks later in Nov 2016, SAP announced a critical HotNews OSS Notes, pushing the HANA latest revision to 122.03.

    So we scrambled for resources and started a new patching project from 122.02 to 122.03. These things take time, and we managed to plan for a new project to Go-Live in Dec 2016.

    Halfway through our project in Nov 2016, we received news again from SAP that a new set of critical HotNews OSS notes were released, pushing the HANA latest revision to 122.04.

    So we scrambled again for resources to extend our project timeline to Jan 2017 with a new patching project from 122.02 to 122.04 (half of our test systems were on 122.03 already!).

    Mind you, this was still in Nov 2016.

    Halfway through our project in Dec 2016, we yet again received news from SAP that a new set of critical HotNews OSS notes were released, and that support for 122.04 would be discontinued! A new “king” – 122.05 was proclaimed! All hail the new king… I mean, revision!

    And so we scrambled for resources to again extend our project timeline for an upgrade from 122.02 to 122.05 (our test systems were patched halfway through to 122.04 – it is not funny to run a patching project with 3 different revisions in the landscape).

    Now we are praying every single day that 122.06 does not come along so soon, not at least in Q1 2017, or until we go live with 122.05 later this month in Jan 2017.

    Our patching project has turned out to be the joke of 2016. It will take a lot to restore the zero confidence that we now have in SAP HANA as a robust and viable BI analytics product.

  2. Jens Gleichmann Post author

    At first thanks for sharing your experience. It sounds like it was a hard project and you are now familiar with the update procedure and all bugs in SPS12 😉

    fixed in SPS12 Workaround? Note Description
    X 2365678 Dropping a Virtual Table Fails with Error Message “unique constraint violated: Table(P_OBJECTDEPENDENCY_), Index(<index>)”
    0 2281937 M_DISK_USAGE hängt in TrexService::FdirRecurseDirectory
    X 2409618 Thread Hangs in __lll_lock_wait+0x20
    X 2408032 Reading From LOB Binary Stream After Closing the ResultSet via JDBC Fails With Error “invalid lob locator id (piecewise lob reading)”
    122.06 X 2402615 Indexserver Crash at Basis::strcasecmp When Using hdbcons With an Incomplete Subcommand
    0 2405212 System Crashes During Start After Hanging Situation When a Full System Info Dump was Triggered
    X 2315085 Query with Multi-Value Parameter on Scripted Calculation View Fails with Incorrect Syntax Error
    122.06 X 2406955 Error during compiling regular expression
    X 2404252 Hang situation during accessing M_TABLE_PERSISTENCE_LOCATIONS and savepointing
    122.06 X 2408269 Could not find temporary table error message after upgrading to SP12
    X 2403758 HANA DB: Merge failed – Caught exception during merge of history table
    122.06 0 2415077 Indexserver Crash at DataContainer::ContainerDirectoryImpl::postcommitCreate

    There are currently 12 notes which are note fixed with 122.05.
    Currently 9 of them are having workarounds.
    4 of them are fixed starting with 122.06 (not available till now – don’t worry 😉 )
    Even 2 have no solution and no fix date is available

    But this is the game. Every revision has its own bugs and are the reason for continuous release of maintenance revisions. The question is if the bugs are really affecting your business. So you have to verify if you really use the affected functions.
    Sure in the last months there were a lot of critical bugs regarding possible inconsistencies. The speed of releasing this fixes is also a little bit faster compared to SPS11.


    RTC Revision days between
    27.10.16 112.07 49
    08.09.16 112.06 41
    29.07.16 112.05 22
    07.07.16 112.04 38
    30.05.16 112.03 48
    12.04.16 112.02 11
    01.04.16 112.01 17
    15.03.16 112  

    AVG: 32 days for one revision


    RTC Revision days between
    15.12.16 122.05 35
    10.11.16 122.04 30
    11.10.16 122.03 28
    13.09.16 122.02 40
    04.08.16 122.01 8
    27.07.16 122  

    AVG: 28 days for one revision
    At the end of the day only update your systems if you really hit a bug. If you always want to stay at the latest release and have a minimum of bugs, you have to update your system every 4-6 weeks!
    Happy patching 🙂



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