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SAP MII – SFTP Action block feature video blog

The following document will guide you, how to use the SFTP Action blocks fetaure which have been added in SAP MII 15.0 SP08 and MII 15.1 SP03 onwards.

Thanks to Salvatore Castro for helping with the code & Implementation and also assisting with the testing issues.

Business Scenario for Using SFTP Action Block:-

When integrating various systems in a manufacturing environment a need can arise where you need file access, file transfer and file management over any reliable data stream. That is where, SFTP comes into the picture. These action blocks acts as SFTP client through them we can connect to the SFTP server and Copy file content, paste the content in any file , delete a file, create new directory adn delete file/ directory.

For details kindly refer to the help link, where paramter details are available :-

SAP MII SFTP Help link

Also, a detailed working video for SFTP Action blocks :-


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  • I am trying to read files on a remote SFTP server.

    I am getting the following error within milliseconds.

    • [ERROR] Uncaught exception from SFTP_Get_File_List_0, SFTPGetFileList: Error while getting file list for folder /, timeout: socket is not established

    I can connect with a third party FTP service from the MII server, so I don’t believe the issue is with a firewall block.

    Is there some type of configuration required at the netweaver layer?