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Tips & Tricks for a New Installation of SAP S/4HANA 1610 (Collection of Links)

The videos and guidance in the following three blogs will be helpful when installing SAP S/4HANA 1610.

Get the details:

Part 1: Media Download using Maintenance Planner

Part 2: Installation

Part 3: Best Practices Content Activation

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    • Hello Joachim
      it does not harm to spread good news several times in various places / spaces. And since the SAP community is fairly new to our partner audience, sometimes it is difficult to search and find what you are looking for. Additionally, when spreading news through Social Media, it is easier and more effective to link back to one blog instead of three.
      Kind regards

      • I agree with you Nadia. For example If I follow you I would get this information. I may not be following the other authors. Keep spreading good news. Lots of customers and partners should benefit from  this post

      • All 3 blogs are from the same author, so what prevented OP from posting this as a blog series? That would be a single page access too.

        It’s not unusual to see blog series on SCN. The author can add a link to the next/previous part in the blog text thus tieing it all together. Also it does not matter whether the tag is primary or secondary. If someone tags the content with both Partnership and S/4HANA the people who follow either of them will see it in the activity stream. Moderators can update the primary tag and OP can add more secondary tags.

        While it may do no harm per se, SCN members came to expect more content from the SCN blogs. Why not add some information about the blog author, for example? Or some reason why these 3 blogs are chosen? Or why not write a bigger digest like others do, for example?

        Edit: it'd also might make sense to reflect in the title that this is not the original content but a link collection. 

  • There is another important point to mention: the original blogs are not tagged with "Partnership" - our primary tag when spreading news to our partner community - hence our partners do not necessarily notice them (only if the follow the tag "S/4HANA).

  • Hey Nadia and Devraj,

    thanks for your explanations and views!

    I can now understand that even a short blog just consisting out of 3 links and a picture can make sense.

    (For example, I didn't think about social media (outside SAP Community) at all – I totally get the point that a nice linking target is useful!).


    So as Devraj said, Keep spreading good news!



    • Hello, I have reached out to the subject matter expert in charge. He will reply to your question as soon as possible.
      Kind regards

    • Hi Aps,

      not 100% sure if this applies to your use case but I'll post it anyway ;-).

      You can use the SAP Cloud Appliance Library to create a pre-configured S/4HANA 1610 system hosted in AWS (Amazon Web Services).
      This will be your personal S/4 instance (you are admin incl. backend OS access) and it contains SAP Best Practices and ready-to-use demo scenarios.
      Main use cases are sandboxing / scoping / PoCs.

      This doesn't require Solution Manager but a valid AWS account since you need to bear the AWS hosting costs. First 30 days in trial mode do not require any SAP licenses, afterwards it does.

      More information:


      • Dear Joerg / Nadia,
        First up Happy New Year to you both.

        Thanks for the replies I have checked the CAL page I have understood the option to create an instance for S4 HANA instance where I get the 30 Days free trial.

        What happens after that is what is confusing can I buy the same instance that has been created for Sandbox and POC. If “YES” then what will it cost because when I click on the link for BASE Subscriptions it gives me the option for a 3 month License for access. Now what will it give me access to all the systems in the CAL or just 3 months for S4 Box and how many users will I get with the license and what all will be included.

        There are 2 options 
        1) S4 HANA 1610 
        2) S4 HANA Apppliance 

        Which one to pick ?

        Also do I need to activate SAP best Practices like languages and notes 234****. What about client creation for best practices or all of this will be provided before hand in that instance. My guess is I don’t have to do anything just ready to go and all the best practices activated.

        All of this would be of course required if I would be creating an instance on cloud or on premise by myself where I would be required to install HANA and the Application server from scratch and would require Licenses for both from SAP.

        This is kind of urgent, quick response is highly appreciated.


  • Hi Aps,

    after 30 days you can unlock your instance for longer usage by purchasing the SAP CAL subscription package (see here for explanations).
    In essence, with the subscription you can run a number of instances in parallel (minimum is one instance but you can buy more) from any solution in SAP CAL.
    You can create your own users in the S/4 box but you need to stick to the license conditions for the S/4HANA product (e.g. an SAP Partner T&D license would suffice).

    For your case (Best Practices required), take 2) S/4HANA Fully-Activated appliance (the plain-vanilla S/4HANA doesn't have those). There are multiple ABAP clients in this box (see my blog above) for using either an activated Best Practices client or a fresh one where you can activate on your own.