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R Integration with SAP HANA

Just thought to share my new found interest in ‘R’. Here I am writing about the successful integration of R (using R-Studio) with SAP HANA that I did recently.
For the beginners it would be really helpful to follow the below steps and a smooth integration with R studio , enjoy accessing HANA artifacts easily like accessing the tables/view information & Consuming procedures , intention is to let the people know the integration & want to share more later on this topic once I am friendly in “R” development fashion –  “still in learning mode” J.
Here are the prerequisites you must have before trying your hands on “R”



R-ODBC Package

R Studio

Setup the Data source (in this case SAP HANA DB Server)

If you are already working on HANA Studio then you may have the HANA Studio Installed & HANA Client as well if not then you can install , refer below link.

Eclipse with HANA Tools Plugin is used
(-> same as HANA Studio) + download link for HANA Client Software

Once you have installed HANADBClient in your system then you need to setup data source.

Go to -> Control Panel -> Search for data Source (ODBC) -> Set up data sources (ODBC)

You will get the below popup

On Current tab click on Add one popup will appear for Server/Port information

Enter any data source name/any description for server ad then enter server: port –  if you don’t know the server and port name go to your hana studio (SAP HANA Development perspective) and right click on system then click on properties tab -> Additional properties tab -> Host details. After entering these details click on connect to check if the details are correct or not by entering the username/password if all ok then you get a prompt on connect that connection is successful.

Once you are done with above now download the R Studio ( ) and R package ( )

Now install both the Components once you are done with R Studio installation download the RODBC package ( )  goto your R Studio now & all install r Studio package.

Once we have added the RODBC package now we can check on R studio using library function

Now we can go ahead for accessing our HANA database artifacts, establish the database connection using R commands & then execute sqlQuery function for executing sql commands on R.

I created one table in HANA server for billing docs that I am accessing using “R” below is the sample code.

library (‘RODBC’)

ch<-odbcConnect(“data source name”,uid=”test_hana”,pwd=”test12″);

sqlQuery(ch, ‘SELECT * FROM “_SYS_BIC”.”BILLING_DATA” ‘)

result ->

Here is the output from “R”

Another sample for consuming procedure in “R”

I created one procedure which returns Company Code , Accounting doc & fiscal year from BSEG table.

sqlQuery(ch, ‘CALL “ABAPDEMO”.”GETDATA”(10 , ? )’);

Output in “R”

Note –  you can also use hdbuserstore set default for storing username/password for you hana server hence you don’t need to expose that into your connection string , below link elaborates the way of securing your username/password when dealing with ODBC –

The secure user store is installed with the SAP HANA client package. After you install the SAP HANA client, the hdbuserstore program is located in one for the following directories:

  • /usr/sap/hdbclient (Linux/UNIX)
  • %SystemDrive%\Program Files\sap\hdbclient (Microsoft Windows)

Your suggestions/questions/improvements are most welcome, I will try to share more sample codes I progress in this.

Thank you!

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