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Did you know… SAP BusinessObjects Cloud Modeling Tips and Tricks

This blog provides some information about SAP BusinessObjects Cloud modeling tips and tricks.

  • A modeling trick to resolve bulk “invalid ID” data quality issues.
    • Change the Attribute Type from “Dimension ID” to “Description”.
    • Modelling is not an end user task. It is IT task, or IT and business users together build robust shared models.
    • Check how MASTER data text descriptions visualize in SAP BusinessObjects Cloud and make appropriate adjustments at source.
      • For best results, include the shortest available text field from source.
    • For a Connected (live) Model:
      • Hide any non-critical dimension attributes in SAP BusinessObjects Cloud.
    • For TRANSACTION data, validate source system reports to the output in SAP BusinessObjects Cloud.
    • For a Manual (standalone) Model:
      • Limit the time horizon to the required minimum for transaction loads.
      • Schedule new transaction data loads in off-hours to not disrupt planning or other processes.
    • For a Connected (live) Model:
      • Limit the time horizon in the underlying source query to reduce the dataset to the required minimum.
      • Minimize the model time horizon by loading only the data you absolutely need.
        • Example: Load 2 years of data, rather than 5 years for great performance plus minimize maintenance and confusion.
      • Avoid creating objects with the same name.
        • Duplicate objects will result in the error message shown here


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