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SAP S/4HANA 1610 Fully Activated Appliance: Known issues

This blog covers the known issues for the SAP S/4HANA 1610 Fully-Activated Appliance (if not indicated otherwise, the issues will occur in client 100 or across all clients).

The overview blog for this appliance can be found under

List of known issues

  • Appliance master password must not start with special characters (#,$,_)
  • Browser issues with Firefox & Internet Explorer
  • MS Azure: SAP GUI connection interruption
  • Fiori Web Assistant doesn’t work (no ‘question mark’ icon in Fiori header)
  • Two BI platform reports don’t show data (Cost Center Plan/Actual and Profit Center Plan/Actual)
  • User S4H_CO: ‘My Spend’ app error
  • User S4H_SD: ‘Manage Billing Documents’ app error
  • User S4H_SD: ‘Manage Sales Orders’ app error
  • User S4H_SD: ‘Release for Delivery’ app (aATP scenario) shows incorrect or no values
  • User S4H_MM: EWM inbound materials don’t get replicated into S/4HANA MM (faulty RFC connection S4HCLNT100)
  • Questions regarding the newly started 2017 period
    • ‘My Spend’ app is empty
    • 2016 FI postings not visible (Balance Carryforward)
    • No new materials can be posted (Inventory Mgmt. period closed)
  • Transport route contains unknown system CL5
  • Issues with triggering the workflow for Bank Account Managements
  • The Fiori Theme Designer doesn’t work

Known issues & resolutions in detail

Appliance master password must not start with special characters (#,$,_)

If your appliance master password (that you choose in the SAP CAL console when creating an instance) starts with special characters, the SAP NetWeaver J2EE engine will not be deployed correctly (the other virtual machines will work).

Start your master password with an alphanumeric character (letter or digit). The issue is under investigation by the SAP CAL team.

Browser issues with Firefox & MS Internet Explorer on remote desktop

Firefox (both on S/4HANA trial remote desktop and as local browser) will not display all cards within overview pages (e.g. within the Order-to-Cash overview of user S4H_SD).
Internet Explorer on Azure remote desktop doesn’t display entire overview pages or smart business apps (this is due to MS IE settings that can not be controlled remotely, you can change these settings manually in the browser, though).

Google Chrome doesn’t have any major known restrictions on the remote desktop so far and is recommended as browser (download it here , use Firefox to open the download URL since MS IE will block the download with the default settings mentioned above).
Note: Chrome might have some issues when running on Windows 10 on your local laptop. If you experience strange effects in the Fiori launchpad with Chrome on Windows 10 (e.g. non-functional links) try with a different browser before raising error messages in the forum.
Some of the issues may also be solved by updating the SAPUI5 runtime library to the latest version (S-user required to download from the SAP support web sites, upgrade to e.g. version 1.40.16 is described in SAP Note 2408080, future versions will have separate SAP Notes).

MS Azure: SAP GUI connection interruption

When deploying on Microsoft Azure via public Internet connection (no VPN), the SAP GUI / SAPLogon connection to the S/4HANA system frequently breaks.


You need to maintain two parameters (rdisp/keepalive and rdisp/keepalive_timeout) in the default profile of the SAP S/4HANA system (via transaction RZ10). Please see the respective Microsoft support site for details.

The SAP CAL team is working on a script that will automatically set these two parameters for MS Azure deployments.


Fiori Web Assistant doesn’t work (no ‘question mark’ icon in Fiori header)

This is due to a changed certificate behavior that was introduced after the release of the appliance. The resolution is browser-based and takes ~10 minutes.


  1. Go to with the Chrome browser (other browsers may work differently). An empty white page should appear.
  2. Click the ‘lock icon’ on the left of the URL
  3. Click Details
  4. View Certificate
  5. Go to Details tab
  6. Click “Copy to File”
  7. Select “Next”
  8. Choose “Base-64 encoded X.509 (.CER)”
  9. Browse for the location you want to save it (eg. C:\docs) and type in a file name (eg. ondemand.cer)
  10. Save
  11. Next
  12. Finish
  13. OK
  14. Go to https://vhcals4hcs.dummy.nodomain:44301/sap/admin and login with user BPINST, password Welcome1
  15. Go to Menu > SSL and Trust Configuration > PSE Management
  16. From the Manage PSE pulldown menu (top of the page), select SAPSSLC.pse
  17. Click on import certificate
  18. Open the saved certificate (eg. “ondemand.cer”) from the saved location with notepad
  19. Copy the content of the file between —–BEGIN CERTIFICATE—– and —–END CERTIFICATE—- ,including those two lines
  20. Paste this into the “import certificate” form and then click Import
  21. Go to Menu > Core System > Monitor > Click on running drop down menu > Select  Shutdown of SAP Web Dispatcher. Confirm the warning message and select Back.
  22. Refresh the Fiori launchpad page and you should see the ‘question mark icon’ with the context-sensitive Fiori help items (you might need to clear your browser cache as well).

BI platform: Reports ‘Cost Center Plan/Actual’ and ‘Profit Center Plan/Actual’ don’t show data with default parameters

When running the above reports with the default prompt values, you will receive a ‘No data available’ message in the reports.

Resolution: Choose ‘Cal. Year, 4 Special Periods 2016‘  as fiscal year in the prompt selection screen (the default value is 2015 but there is no data for 2015 in the S/4HANA system).

User S4H_CO: Error when leaving the ‘My Spend’ app

Update the SAPUI5 runtime library in the SAP S/4HANA ABAP system (version 1.40.16 fixes the issue, see SAP Note 2408080 how to deploy it).
If you cannot update the library (e.g. you don’t have an S-user for downloading it), refresh the Fiori launchpad and continue with your demo (the error won’t affect your demo story but is just a minor glitch).

User S4H_SD: Error in ‘Manage Billing Documents’ app

When the billing document smart link is used to navigate further to Create/Change/Display a new window/tab opens while in the initial window/tab the “The request resource could not be found” message is shown.

Resolution: Under investigation. Error can be ignored, reload the ‘Manage Billing Document’ in the first tab and continue with your demos)

User S4H_SD: Error in ‘Manage Sales Orders’ app

When the sales order smart link is used in order to display the aggregated process flow, the following error pops up: “The mandatory parameter ProcObsvrProcessDefinition is missing” and the document flow is not shown.

Resolution: Under investigation.


User S4H_SD: ‘Release for Delivery’ app (aATP scenario) shows incorrect or no values

In some situations the app shows in tab titles an outdated count of items in the corresponding table. Also, if you release a material that contains at least one sales order item without any confirmation, then the delivery creation for all sales order items of this material fails without notification

Resolution: Apply SAP Notes 2406228 (wrong count) and 2403037 (creation failure).


User S4H_MM: EWM inbound materials don’t get replicated into S/4HANA MM (faulty RFC connection S4HCLNT100)

When creating a new material in EWM (EWM inbound process), the respective material document and other entries should also be written back into the MM sections of SAP S/4HANA. Due to an issue with an RFC destination, this write-back doesn’t happen and the materials are parked in the EWM queue (transaction SMQ1 shows CPIC errors).

This error should only happen in instances that have been created prior to Feb 13th, 2017. In later instances, this has been automatically fixed using a startup script of SAP CAL.

In client 100, go to transaction SM59 > ABAP Connections and maintain the entry S4HCLNT100. Delete the entry saphost in field target host and save. Click on Connection Test to verify that the connection is working.

If you have created EWM materials before, you can execute the faulty queue in transaction SMQ1 again to replicate them into MM.


Questions regarding the newly started 2017 period

‘My Spend’ app is empty

The data for the ‘My Spend’ app (user S4H_CO) is valid for 2016 only, however, the default value of the app is set to month-to-date which won’t yield any data.

Go to the Me area of the Fiori launchad > App settings > Time Period > Other Time Periods > Year and select Fiscal Year 2016

2016 FI postings not visible (Balance Carryforward)

The transactional sample data (FI postings, …) in the appliance have been created for FY 2016 i.e. certain FI scenarios might lack data for FY 2017.

You can carry forward the sample data into FY 2017 (using the ‘Carry Forward Balance’ Fiori app of user S4H_FIN or the SAP GUI transaction FAGLGVTR).
Before doing this, implement SAP Note 2355000 (otherwise you will get errors).

No new materials can be posted (Inventory Mgmt. period closed)

This is standard behavior. Please see chapter in the sample demo story document how to resolve it.


Transport route contains unknown system CL5

When creating objects that need to be written into transport requests, you can select a logical system CL5 as target system but the request will fail since the system physically doesn’t exist.

Delete the transport route for this system (transaction STMS > Overview > Transport Routes > Display/Change > Mark system CL5 > Delete >  Delete Selected Links & Nodes > Save > Confirm the following pop-ups.


Issues with triggering the workflow for Bank Account Managements

You encounter issues when creating workflows within bank account management (e.g. for initiating new house banks or bank transfers, as described in the demo guide in chapter 2.5 Cash Daily Operations).

Apply SAP Note 2432703


The Fiori Theme Designer doesn’t work

You receive errors when creating customer-specific themes in the Fiori Launchpad Designer.

Upgrade the SAPUI5 client runtime to version 1.40.18 (see SAP Note 2426271) and apply/check the following SAP Notes:  2400531, 2400582, 2366945, 2408180, 2425799.

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  • Nice list, would be usefull if you could create an instance:

    • The issue in that particular case was that the master password started with a # (which caused some trouble in the J2EE server deployment).
      The Cloud Appliance Library Team will look into the issue. Until this is fixed, please start your master password with an alphanumeric character.

  • Hi Joerg
    Are there any instructions available on how to connect the Mozilla Firefox browser to the Internet?

    I'm trying to install the Google Chrome browser but I get blocked on accessing the internet. Even if I download the exe file on my local machine and copy it across the first thing it wants to do is access the site and the internet is blocked.

    • Hi Jocelyn,

      if you create the appliance from behind a corporate firewall, you will need to enter the company proxy into the browser Internet settings.
      In your case as an SAP employee it would be the SAP proxy (assuming that you have created the instance from behind the SAP firewall).

      Please reach out to me directly in case you have more questions.


  • Thank you for this blog.

    We're seeing an issue with demo guide step 2.3.3, the

    Log On to RF Environment


    We don't have dummy.nodomain active, instead have edited our host file.

    The RFUI fails with this error message:

    The webpage at https://vhcals4hci.dummy.nodomain:44300/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui;~service=3200?~transaction=/SCWM/RFUI&~nosplash=1&sap-client=100&sap-language=EN&sap-ie=edge&sap-theme=sap_belize&sap-shell=FLP1.40.13 might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

    Any guidance/thoughts?

    Thanks for any assistance/guidance.  Wallace


    • Hi Wallace,

      The root cause is an untrusted certificate. This is one of the boundary conditions in SAP CAL, hence, you’ll also see browser warning messages in other places, but in this case, the app is blocked completely.

      We could reproduce the issue on some SAP-internal laptops (e.g. mine, and also the remote desktop of the appliance) but it doesn’t show up consistently, we need to investigate further.

      On my computer with Firefox 55.0.1 (on Win10), the above URL with port 44301 runs into your error. If I refresh the same URL with port 44300, the transaction is displayed. If I afterwards refresh on port 44301, it works there as well. Chrome and IE on my laptop always block the above URL. 

      A workaround would be to use the transaction /SCWM/RFUI via the SAP GUI (the screen is not that spectacular ? ).



  • I experienced serious performance problems using Chrome with this appliance, especially when using the Blue Crystal theme. Issues included slow response time, often ending in Chrome hanging and after a long while, displaying the popup about an unresponsive page, offering to kill the session. This became the worst in some complex screens with a lot of Enjoy controls, such as Purchase Order transactions (ME21N / ME22N / ME23N), when switching tabs in the Item Details section.

    The problem was less obvious with the default Belize theme, but it was still there.

    The apparent solution turned out to update the kernel patch of the 749 kernel version to 114. Earlier patches (I tried up to PL 112) all had the described issue. With 114 this seems to be fixed.

    With that said, Chrome is still significantly behind Firefox as far as response time goes. Chrome used to be the fastest browser on earlier NW releases, but according to my experience, it is not so anymore. Perhaps updating the SAPUI5 runtime library may help here, I didn’t do that yet.


  • Hi,

    I have came across an issue where while using S4H_SD user ID. It is not possible to perform as per demo guide since the documented credit decisions are not updated. I also found the errors in transaction SRT_MONI.



      Hi Jignashu,

      in our reference system this works. Can you check if your Adobe Document Service (part of the JAVA server in the appliance) is running OK ?

      Check via this URL (you need to map your hosts file with the JAVA IP address before): https://vhcalj2eci.dummy.nodomain:50001/nwa (Administrator / Welcome1) > Operations > Application Manager.



      • Hello Joerg,

        we encounter the same issue (Application Error / Message no. SRT_CORE267 / DocumentedCreditDecisionERPBusinessTransactionDocumentNotification_In)


        With SM59 -> Connection test we get the error message

        "Connect to vhcalj2eci.dummy.nodomain:50001 failed:NIEHOST_UNKNOWN(-2)"


        Report: FP_CHECK_HTTP_DATA_TRANSFER -> "SOAP Framework error: SOAP Runtime Exception: CSoapExceptionTransport : HTTP receive failed with exception communication_failure (100,101)."


        Under https://vhcalj2eci.dummy.nodomain:50001/nwa (Administrator / Welcome1) > Operations > Application Manager the ADS is running OK.


        Any ideas? Thank you!

        Best regards,


    • Hi Jignashu,

      in our reference system, this works.

      Did you try from the remote desktop to exclude any certificate/network issues (you seem to have mapped the hosts file judging your other image with credit mgmt. -> we'll look into this) ?

      Other option could be to create a new Web Dispatcher user (admin work...).

      Best, Joerg


        Hello Joerg, I am facing the same issue with https://vhcals4hcs.dummy.nodomain:44301/sap/admin as well with user BPINST and password Welcome1. In fact, i tried with many of the provided user ids and it didn't work. Is it possible to import the certificate using STRUST transaction (SSL Client SSL Client (Standard) option)? However, this doesnt let me complete step 21:

        Go to Menu > Core System > Monitor > Click on running drop down menu > Select  Shutdown of SAP Web Dispatcher. Confirm the warning message and select Back.


        Any help is much appreciated.




        • Hi Koti,

          The user name and password is bpinst/Welcome1.  You may encounter a few popup authentication before you are fully logon.  I had to input the user name and password three times to get the Web Dispatcher Administration page fully loaded. See attached screen shot.

          • Thank you Willie, the user id bpinst worked. The user id in step 14 needs to be corrected from BPINST to bpinst.




  • Hi Experts !!

    I have some question in S/4HANA 1610 for MM.Am a MM Consultant and new of S/4HANA. I had run the MM process Except Maintain Quotation and price comparison. In GUI we can maintain in ME47 and ME49. In S/4HANA where can we maintain??

    Please guide me if anyone know.



    • Samy,

      In S/4 HANA, you still have access to Tcode ME47 and ME49 via SAP Gui and Webgui.   You can access Webgui via Fiori Launchpad.

      As for new Fiori apps regarding this Tcode, maybe you can spill up a Trial system and try to find it in the system.




  • Hello Jörg,

    I've activated the S/4 System and Connection works fine! We are still in the 30 days free Trial period.

    However, we wanted to install an ABAP component using SPAM/SAINT but when trying to update SPAM, an error message is thrown - see below.

    It seems as if the Transport Settings are not completed, see below.

    Is there a Standard solution for this issue for the S/4 CAL System?

    Thanks & regards





    Error message in SPAM:

    The import was stopped, since an error occurred during the phase
    CHECK_REQUIREMENTS, which the Support Package Manager is unable to
    resolve without your input.

    After you have corrected the cause of the error, continue with the
    import by choosing Support Package -> Import queue from the initial
    screen of the Support Package Manager.

    The following details help you to analyze the problem:
    -   Error in phase: CHECK_REQUIREMENTS

    -   Reason for error: TP_CANNOT_CONNECT_SYSTEM

    -   Return code: 0200

    -   Error message: ERROR: see tp"s stdout (Standard Out may not be


    Check of Transport tool in STMS

    Check Transport Tool                                       03/08/2017  12:36:40

    S4H System S4H

    tp Interface
    Transport Profile

    Path                  /usr/sap/trans/bin/TP_DOMAIN_S4H.PFL
    Profile               Cannot read tp profile
    Version               tp profile has an invalid format

    RFC Destination
    tp Call

    RFC Connection        tp was started
    tp Version            380.58.35
    DB Connect            Connection to database failed
    Offline Call          ERROR: see tp's stdout (Standard Out m..


  • Hi All,

    Any of you experience a limit of number of fiori apps that can be installed in S4Hana v1610?

    Seems over 200 is an issue... performance and security.



  • Hi,

    i'm getting error while updating.


    Last error code set:
    RFC system S4H nr 00 function 'SPAM_SET_STATUS'
    RFC failed with code 4 key :
    Incompatible Call Rejected, see note 2295840; Called Incompatible Function
    :SPAM_SET_STATUS; Caller Programm :SAPup; Caller Dest. :dbtwohana
    This trouble ticket was created by SAPup on 20170425141213 
    SAPup broke during phase SUBMOD_UPSTAT/TR_PATCH_STATUS_UPGRADE in module MAIN_TRANSEXEC / Downtime for transport mode
    Error Message: Last error code set:
    RFC system S4H nr 00 function 'SPAM_SET_STATUS'
    RFC failed with code 4 key :
    Incompatible Call Rejected, see note 2295840; Called Incompatible Function
    :SPAM_SET_STATUS; Caller Programm :SAPup; Caller Dest. :dbtwohana
    Summary of SAPup:
    SAPup Release: lmt_005
    SAPup Version: SAPup release lmt_005 version 53.000
    Start Release: 751
    Target Release: 751
    Summary of host system details:
    SID: S4H
    Host: dbtwohana
    MS Host: dbtwohana
    GW Host: dbtwohana
    Start Path: /usr/sap/S4H/D00/exe 
    Kernel Path: /usr/sap/S4H/D00/exe
    Summary of operating system details:
    OS Type: Linux X86_64
    OS Version: 2.22
    Summary of database details:
    Database Type: hdb
    Database Version:
    Summary of RFC details:
    Host: dbtwohana
    GW Host: dbtwohana
    Client: 000
    Destination: S4H
    Language: E
    System No.: 00




  • Hi Joerg,

    I have installed HANA 1610 fully activated appliance but I am not able to connect to remote desktop. I have enabled allow remote access and performed every necessary step that is required. But, still, the issue persists. Can you please guide on this?

      • Hi Joerg,


        Thanks so much for your reply.


        I already posted the question there but I haven't got any reply yet. I am on a public network and already opened the ports (as in I am using the WIFI connection) but still, this issue persists. If you want me to post the question again I will post again in order to solve our problem by your valuable guidelines.

        Your help in this issue is really required.

        Best Regards

        Ajitesh Pareek

  • Hi, Joerg

    We have met some issue not yet listed here after we installed on premise version of CAL BP content. How could we raise our issue ?by what means? thanks.

    • Hello Shandi,

      since you are an SAP employee, please contact me directly via email to support you.




    • Hi,

      The port 44301 points to the web dispatcher and port 44300 points to the S/4HANA Directly.

      This Appliance has the Gateway, S/4HANA and HDB setup in the same system and thus using port 44300 will also work for most of the Fiori Applications,  except the Web Assistance.  We need the Web dispatcher to re-direct the service calls to an external system  for the Web Assistant to work. So you should still point to web dispatcher (44301) if you want a fully working appliance.

      See the routing parameter on the screen shot.

  • Dear Experts,

    I have started a CAL trial instance of fully activated appliance hosted on AWS. The Dashboard says its active but we are not able to access the S4HANA netweaver system both from GUI and also the Fiori Link. I have terminated the account once and restarted but the issue still persists.

    What is that I am missing, appreciate a quick response.


    In the CAL Dashboard I also observe the software status for S4HANA AS ABAP is blank and not activated. Is it something to do with here?

    • Hello Virendrakumar,

      could you please post your problem as question in the SAP CAL community since this makes it easier to comment.

      As two quick hints (not sure if that is the issue):

      1. Are you behind a firewall that might be blocking access to certain ports ?
      2. Did you use the 1610 FPS01 version of the appliance with master PW Welcome1 or Welcome2 ? If yes, please try with a different one.

      Otherwise, please post in the CAL community as said above and we’ll look into it.



    • Hi Virendrakumar,

      We are also encountering the same issue like yours. Did you find any solution? Let us know.

      Have you deployed SAP S/4HANA 1610 FPS01, Fully-Activated Appliance version?



  • Hi Joerg

    1. I found answers to many issues we have faced as we prepare a POC for 1610. Thank you!
    2. I understand 1709 is almost there. And it has many more best practices or scope items - against around 84 business scenarios or scope solutions, it has more than 100. Where can I find the exact information on the new set? Can you suggest a link or the right forum? I could find the highlights of 1709 etc but not this exact information.

    Thanks and regards.