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Open your SAP GUI transaction in Fiori launchpad

This blog is written based on UI5 version 1.38.9:

Suppose I would like to open SAP GUI transaction code SE80 in Chrome by clicking a tile in Fiori launchpad – for example I would like to put a new tile into this group below:

1. First identify the catalog page ID for the group above: SAP_FIORI_EXTENSIBILITY
2. Open Fiori Launchpad Designer, find the catalog found in previous step.
Create a new tile by clicking icon “+”:
Maintain the following parameters:
Once saved, the target URL will be automatically generated:
3. Create a new Target Mapping by clicking the button in footer toolbar:
For system alias, you can just keep it as initial:
Once saved, you should see a new entry in the list:
4. For the last step, just make the tile visible in UI. Click new button:
Find the new created tile and add it to Catalog group:
Now you should see the new tile in Launchpad.
Click this tile, and SE80 is now opened in Chrome:

How to open transaction in backend system instead

If you would like that once the tile is clicked, the transaction in backend system is launched, instead of transaction in gateway system, you can simply maintain an system Alias in your target mapping configuration:
Then link this system alias to a RFC destination created in SM59 via the following customizing
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  • Hi,
    I did exactly as mentioned in the above, but I get a 404 error as below. Any help would be appreciated.

    Service cannot be reached

    What has happened?

    URL call was terminated because the corresponding service is not available.

    The termination occurred in system with error code 403 and for the reason Forbidden.

    What can I do?

    Select a valid URL.

    HTTP 403 - Forbidden

    Your SAP Internet Communication Framework Team


    • Hello,

      Please check in your backend system via tcode SICF with keyword WEBGUI:

      Choose "Test Service" from context menu.
      You should see the following UI which indicates the ITS is active in your backend system.

      Best regards,

      • Hi Jerry,

        Thanks for providing a nice blog.

        I am trying to invoke ECC t.code VA01 from Fiori.  I provided all the steps given in this link.

        Provided System alias also in Catalog.

        But when i execute the app, it is not invoking VA01 from FLP.

        Its going to Gateway system screen and showing VA01 does not exist.

        System alias is correct and is working fine.

        Do any extra steps need to be taken care to invoke ECC T.Code?

        Appreciate your inputs on this.





      • Hi Jerry,

        thanks for the info. But i tried all the steps and still the tile opens the tcode in the Gateway system and not the backend system ? I any idea why still this may be happening.




        • Hi Sameer,
          Were you able to get this resolved? I am facing the same problem. It only opens the Gateway system transaction in spite of the system alias set to the back-end system.

    • If you check minute 3:28 you will see it's indeed possible. I have however problems with the alias and the RFC. It doesn't seem to find the right RFC and it defaults to the gateway system and not the backend.


          • Hello Thomas, David, Fahrettin, and Christopher,

            Were you guys able to finally open SAP GUI Client using the LPD_CUST role, by providing Transaction Code and RFC?

            I have chosen SAP GUI for HTML as well as SAP GUI for Windows in the list of options - but in both the cases, it opens up in the Browser ONLY with the correct back-end system.

            I am not using the Business Client to launch the Fiori launchpad currently, as it is another product that our end-users need to install. However, I have successfully tested the same config within Business Client and saw that it does open the SAP GUI for Windows transaction within itself.

      • Hola David,

        i once run into the same issue: i had a https-connection properly established, correct port etc., and a system alias pointing to it, and the transaction from the backend was not called! The issue was at end a naming convention from SAP: If i remember correctly, you should really write for the RFC and HTTP or HTTPS connection the naming conv. from SAP, the SYSTEMALIAS will be the name of the System alias, refering to these connections: if SYSTEMALIAS was you SYSTEMALIAS, then your RFC needs to be SYSTEMALIAS_ABAP or SYSTEMALIAS_RFC (i don’t remember it very clearly), and for your HTTP/S-Connection (type H), you need to write equally SYSTEMALIAS_HTTP or SYSTEMALIAS_HTTPS ! In the target mapping, you just write the SYSTEMALIAS, but for calling webgui/gui from backend system, it needs a type H connection as well. If not, the framework won’t get it, that it is indeed a http or https connection. Only because of the name… maybe it will solve your issue and from others as well …


        One other important thing is, not to switch from https to http in the line of callings. If your Launchpad is called from https, then stick to https, use also for your tiles/target mapping https, for the Type H connection https, the cloud-connector/destination settings HTTPS, not mixing them!




    • Hello,

      In fact to use the Alias the solution is :

      • Not using an alias 🙂
      • Use the full name of your RFC Destination of type H 

      It was the same issue with the LPD_CUST configuration. As I can see SAP doesn't not correct the issue.



      • we have a different issue after maintained this type H RFC destination. We established a trusted connection between Gateway and Business suites(SSO).

        But it is still prompting to login again with ECC credentials. Do you know how to make this SSO works?


          • Hi Joseph,


            That's good question though, our gateway is https and backend ECC is only HTTP.  We were able to resolve this as per note #2461900.

            Now only issue it doesn't work when i am on public network , it only works in intranet because of this http certificate issues. Do you have any suggestions?


  • Hi folks

    Please note that in S/4HANA you should be using the NWBC service and not the ITS service for this... just look at any of the examples in the delivered tile catalogs.



    • Hi Jocelyn, can you provide examples?


      Predelivered tiles I have checked all use exact above procedure and format.



  • Hi Jerry, great document!


    Sorry for the late post, but have a question.


    When we proceed with this method or adding transaction through LPD_CUST in Gateway, any GUI transaction  opened in the back end has the Fiori "BACK" button.


    Pressing this button leads to a button that has "SAP EASY ACCESS MENU" which we wish to disable. Do you have any knowledge on how to disable this back button or embed GUI in such a way that the Easy Access Menu is not being presented to the user in these GUI transactions?



  • Hi, all.

    Very interesting blog, but if I want to open gui transaction in my UI5 application. In gui for windows or in gui for html. How to do it better?

  • Hi Jerry,

    i did the same thing, but when clicking on “qa32″ tcode from launpad, i am having one error”tcode qa32 unknown”, anything idea on this issue. thank you.



  • Hi,

    we use a own fiori theme which is based on the SAP Belize theme. The issues what we have are following:

    - the WebGUI does not use the Belize theme any more.

    - how to avoid To open a new browser tab?

    regards Wolfgang

  • Hi Experts,

    is there any way to achieve the same using the controller. i want to open a sap GUI transaction when i click on some link. can you provide some example here for the same.



  • Hi all,


    I solved the Problem for calling the transaction in backend system by changing the system alias to S4CMD. This is the system alias for all standard transactions.



  • The important point is that if you are using central hub system, system alias rfc connection should be Http connection('H') not abap connection('3')