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Whatever Happened To… ?

If you’ve just returned to the community after “taking a break” when we launched on the new best-of-breed platforms, you may be wondering how best to 1) find the content that was on SCN before the move to this new SAP Community, and 2) begin contributing in the subjects where you used to participate.

In November, the team published the list of available primary tags for the new community, which is available for download from the All About Tags page. While that list does help both new and existing users understand what subjects are available for blogging and Q&A overall, it doesn’t provide any guidance for those seeking to understand how to get from the old SCN spaces to the most appropriate tags for the subjects they used to follow.

So, to help SCN users better find their way in the new world of the SAP Community, we have just published a mapping spreadsheet of “old world” (spaces) to “new world” (tags). Several members of the Community Experience team worked to provide this mapping, and we bring it to you with the hope that it will help ease the transition. (We realize this is late for those of you who needed this at launch; hopefully it’s better late than never and will help those who are just coming back now.)

You’ll find the downloadable mapping file in the Finding Legacy SCN Content section on the FAQ page, as well as on the Spaces and Community Topic Pages page. But for added convenience, I’m including the link here so you can download the mapping directly from this post: Mapping Excel spreadsheet (89.5 KB).

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  • The new mapping file (spaces - tags) has 392 items. The number of tags in the tag mapping file, which I have, is for 2800+ tags.
    If we are going to use this new excel file as a guidance for forum members - can we, please, get rid of the remaining 2400+ tags? 🙂

    • Hi Veselina,

      I actually don't think that getting rid of the other tags is the answer. The community has actually made use of a lot of the tags that are now available where before we did not have spaces (yes, I realize this is sometimes in error; but often the usage is correct).

      What's really needed (and what is being actively worked on) is better presentation of the tags in the tag picker, so that newer members are guided properly and not presented with everything under the sun at the first go. We need to find a way to enable users to find the most-used tags quickly but also allow those looking to contribute in a particular niche subject some way to get to that more obscure tag.


      • After 3-6 months there will be probably sufficient data to determine what is the average percentage of incorrectly tagged content - this is to determine whether the SAP product classification will start to make sense to the functional/technical people. Also, which tags get the highest percentage of incorrectly tagged content - maybe this could result in better naming, who knows...

        Tags, which get no replies for 6 months in this site, are probably 'not worth it'. Even if I could contribute to a rarely discussed topic like paper process DSD, I am not going to follow any tags. What are the chances that I will check daily if there are questions for the 3 available DSD tags, not to mention that all selectable DSD tags are for mobile? There are two questions for DSD since the site launch, none has a reply and each has less than 10 views.

        I expect that the tags, which have no direct mapping to old spaces or have a name, which makes sense to consultants, will just die - no matter if there is some tag cloud and a better tag picker or not. This is not the intention in providing the second excel file, but there is a high chance that it will contribute to getting rid of some of the originally provided 2800+ tags.

      • Looking at all the wrong tagged content I see basically  3 streams
        - totally wrong
        - too general
        - too specific

        put the totally wrong aside - I am not even sure that better search options or explanations would help those users.

        But the other 2 might be worth to look at to guide people, or even rethink about the provided tags.

        Some people think "oh 3000 tags, that means that each an everything has its own tag"  and they look for very specific tags, e.g. the tag  SAP Select, because they have a problem with the select statement in ABAP coding. Or a tag "approve purchase order" because they have an issue with a release strategy.
        Others are lost in tag jungle and choose high level tags like R/3 and SAP ERP as they cannot find production planning because of this fancy MAN in front  of the tag name, which confuses so much that they they think  MAN Production planning is something new and different.

        Explaining the level of detail that was considered when the new tags got defined would probably help those people to understand and find their way.

        And also it should be explained for what content a tag X should be used, unfortunately there many tags that are not self explaining from an Excel spreadsheet.

        Take for example the Fiori tags, there are tags without Fiori in the name and tags with Fiori in the name. That those tags without Fiori in the name belong to Fiori can only be known if you scroll up to see the hierarchy or you associate it with the fact that a few lines down at the same level there are tags with Fiori in the name. But it could also be that these without Fiori in the name have nothing to do with Fiori as others have explicitly Fiori in the name.


  • I guess it is not "best-of-breed platform" if you have to issue offline Excel file to simply show people how to find the well structured areas of previous platform. It is still a mess not fit for purpose, in my view.

  • Audrey, thanks for sharing and, like Joachim, I'm very happy to regain the Support space... err tag. If we could just sort out SAP Events I'd also be done with all the retagging.

  • While that list does help both new and existing users understand what subjects are available for blogging and Q&A overall…

    Audrey, given the responses here or the samples from that CC discussion (or the reactions to the “tagony” (*) in general), I don’t think this statement is correct, or at least the “help” to understand is still quite limited. That’s not to “shoot the messenger” but I think such bold company claims imply that the problems with tags are less severe than they are…

    *: Not my invention, I borrowed that from Breck Carter.

  • Hi Audrey,
    thank you very much for the mapping spreadsheet of “old world” (spaces) to “new world” (tags).
    I just want you to know that the SAP for Mill Products and Mining community does have a new topic page. It can be found here:
    It has two Primary tags: Mill Products and Mining

    Other relevant pages are:

    Could this please be changed in the Excel file. Thank you very much.


  • Just found a mistake in the file for line 282: SAP Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver

    Primary tag is incorrect!
    Now it’s: SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver – incorrect name!
    Has to be: SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver
    Same for the next line!