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Safari support on macOS Sierra (10.12) and iOS 10 with NetWeaver

The latest releases from Apple, iOS 10 and macOS Sierra (10.12), are coming with a number of new features. Many features will make the interaction between different Apple devices easier. For instance, the Universal Clipboard makes it possible to copy on one device and paste on another. Or, it’s possible to make your desktop and documents folder accessible on all your devices.

Siri gets more intelligent on iOS and macOS and can help to locate files, send messages for you and opens up with interfaces for other apps. Log in to your Mac with your Apple Watch, improved Apple Pay, space management and photo management for your Mac and many more new features and improvements.

For more information about the new versions see: and
SAP NetWeaver Test Center has finalized testing of the latest iOS release in combination with NW 7.50 SP05, NW 7.40 SP16 and NW 7.31 SP19 for the areas: PLS, FPM ,CRM Web UI, NWBC, WD-ABAP, Enterprise Portal.

Please be aware that certain technologies are supported with conditions on iOS, see SAP note: 1853087 – Conditional support for browser usage on Mobile Devices.

For restrictions and further details see:


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  • Hi Andreas,

    The PAM still does not reflect these results, Safari on macOS 10.12 is not listed yet at all.

    And what's about 7.30, which is in MainstreamMaintenance for the next four years?! That's where we have some trouble with 10.12, and these systems currently have no option to get upgraded to 7.31!?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi Andreas,

    My organisation is currently implementing HCM and Travel Management. Please confirm if Safari works for ESS/MSS on macs. I have Safari Version 10.0.1 with MacOs Sierra.
    Many Mac users have tried but we’ve been only able to log in. Nothing else works (links, etc.) I have tried many other browsers (Chrome, Firefox) on mac but same issues.
    Please assist.

    Thanks for your response