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Author's profile photo Kumar Raj Moorthy

How to enable Custom screens in Responsive UI & Extended App

When switching from HTML5 (UX3) to Responsive UI (RUI), you might notice that some custom UI built using SAP Cloud application studio (also known as PDI/SDK) are not visible.

In this blog, I will explain steps to enable custom screens in RUI. Also highlight some of the limitations (as of 1702 release) for rendering the custom screens in the Responsive UI.

Create New screens: During creation of custom screens for custom business object, in the ‘Create New Screens’ pop up, under ‘Supported Devices’, select the appropriate option. The default option is ‘Desktop Only’.

For the screens to be displayed in Responsive UI, select the option as ‘Desktop and Tablet’ as shown below. This selection value can be changed later if required in the Property Explorer of the UI Designer.

For existing screens: To enable your existing screens to work for Responsive UI, follow the below steps.

Open your workcenter view in UI Designer and in the Properties window locate Configuration->Tags-> select the popup and add two entries:
1) Device: Desktop
2) Device: Tablet

The entry Device = ‘Tablet’ will make sure that the workcenter, views are rendered in Responsive UI.

Limitation of Responsive UI (as of 1702)

While most of the Controls that you use in SAP Cloud application studio will work in Responsive UI across Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop. There are some Floorplans & Controls which will not. In case you are using them, the recommendation is to switch to a supported floorplan.

Floor plans: The floor plans Quick Activity Floor plan (QAF), Object Instance Floorplan (OIF) and Fact Sheet (FS) are not supported yet in Responsive UI.

For Responsive UI, the recommendation is to use Thing based navigation floor plans – Object Work list, Quick create, Quick view, Thing Inspector, Thing Type etc.

At later releases even when the QAF, OIF and FS floorplans are planned to be supported for Responsive UI, it shall be available/supported only for the Desktop/Laptop access and not for tablet and smartphone.

Panes & Controls:Following are the not so commonly used Panes & controls which are not supported currently for the Responsive UI.

Panes of Type Browse and Collect, Hierarchy Graph, SideCarPannel, GanttChart, NetworkChart, NestedLayout, GridLayoutSnippet, GroupCalendarPane.

Controls of type LineSeparator, ProgressBarControl, MediaPlayerControl, RatingControl, Legend Control.

The Object value selector can be used as a possible alternate to the Browse and collect. Also the Hierarchy table can be used for the Hierarchy graph.

Hence while designing your screens for the Responsive UI, make sure that you consider the limitations described here.


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      Author's profile photo Krishnendu Laha
      Krishnendu Laha


      Many thanks for pointing out the "pain points" in SDK and solution proposal.

      I have question not relevant to this blog but relevant to SDK:

      Is there any plan to introduce "S/4 HANA" like app to do modification, so that we can leverage of Transport Management Systems and ABAP layers, I have written a blog for same:

      It would be nice if SAP can initiate some of the facilities of S/4 HANA world.


      Author's profile photo rabbani khan
      rabbani khan

      hello everyone nice explanation and thank you ver much

      may i know how to send the data into standard Bo using EXteion BO,?

      Question 1) in by d screen I have to update some data

      In Account Management----->accounts-----> i have update some data?

      2)in cloud application studio  in repository ---> i found that Bo name is "Customer"

      3) And  i was created extension Bo for that and it's very difficult to writing the code ..  IF any one Please help how should i send the data into Standard Bo?

      it's my urgent Requirement?

      Author's profile photo Tiago Almeida
      Tiago Almeida




      We have tags set to Desktop and Tablet in all screens of a particular custom object and it still does not appear on the RUI.

      To provide more details we have the following screens:

      • OIF
      • OWL
      • PTP
      • QA
      • WCF
      • WCVIEW


      All except the wcf, have device = desktop and device = tablet in the tags.

      For some reason though, the Workcenter does not appear on the RUI, only silverlight and the older html5. Any idea what could be causing this?


      Thanks for the post.

      Author's profile photo miguel esteva
      miguel esteva

      Hi Tiago, would like to check if you have managed to resolve this? Thanks in advance.

      Author's profile photo Sushant Potdar
      Sushant Potdar

      Also read how to primary navigation in Chunk View in Fiori Client:


      Author's profile photo Eamon McKelvey
      Eamon McKelvey



      I have followed all the steps to enable already existing screens to be visible in RUI using tags.

      However it does not seem to work.

      It seems to be a regular issue that people face, is there any known solution?