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SAP HANA – Enabling Change Recording and Transporting Views

Created this simple blog to capture the steps required to enable change recording and than  transporting view across SAP HANA environments using HANA Application Life Cycle Manager.

This document only covers Native HANA and Selected Change list process

What is HANA Change Recording?

When change recording enabled, you are prompted to assign your changes to a changelist when you activate a repository object in your development environment. Also, make sure to group the objects that you want to transport together in one changelist.

Roles required for modelers

  • sap.hana.xs.lm.roles::DevelopmentExpert

Roles required for Transport admin


Global Setting to Enable Change Recording

User should be part of this role sap.hana.xs.lm.roles::Administrator enable change recording

The SAP HANA Application Lifecycle Management URL:



After logging in, click on SETTINGS tab



Click on the check box to enable Change Recording


Click Yes. Now Change Recording enabled for this environment.

When you select the checkbox to enable change recording, all active objects of the system that belong to packages assigned to a delivery unit (DU) will be added to an initial changelist. It is a process of creating a base changelist. Depending on the point in time when change recording enabled, creating the base changelist can take some time.

This base changelist is not visible in the system. However, when the first changelist transported for a DU that contains real changes, the base changelist with all active objects of packages that are assigned to the DU is also transported to the target system. This ensures that the target system has exactly the same state as the source system


Create Repository Package


From HANA Studio, creating a test package for this demo

Click Finish.

New HANA repository package created. Package creation does not prompt for changelist.


Create a Calculation View and Record Model Changes

 Under the newly created package, create a test calculation view.


Click Finish.

Now when this new Calculation view is activated “Select Change” window prompts to assign a change id.

Click on New to create a new change id specific for you.

Enter required description and click ok.

New change id created.

Select the newly created change id and click finish. Now the calculation view changes are tracked with this change id.

Change Manager (added through HANA Studio -> show view and search/select) list the objects under your change id.

Select the contributor, right click and approve contribution.

Enter text related to the changes/updates and click OK.

Next Release Change, only than the changes can be moved to the next environment.

With Change list status set to Open, you will not see the just released change id


Created Delivery Unit – HALM_DU

Via HANA Studio Quick View

Click on Delivery Units


Select the System where the Delivery Unit has to be created.

Click on Create, to create a new Delivery Unit.

Enter required information and click Ok.


Click on Add to assign repository package to Delivery Unit

Click Finish, now the repository has been added to the Delivery Unit.

Click on Finish


Transport objects from Development to Quality/Test environment

The SAP HANA Application Lifecycle Management URL:


After logging in click on Transport -> System

Transport Routes are already configured (not covered this is session), next click on Transports Tab


Click on Create, to create a new Transport

Click on Create


New Transport created with no transport history

Select this new transport and click on Transport

This window will list all the changelist available under this Delivery Unit that has to be moved, Select and then click Next.

Click on Transport and Close

On the bottom of the browser, you can find this info too.

Now all the objects are moved to Q environment

Click on Logs tab to check the job logs

After the transport job is successful or failed you can find the details from the log files under Logs session.


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Chenthil

      Awesome info! Very helpful ! Thank you 🙂

      Author's profile photo Kalyan Dittakavi
      Kalyan Dittakavi

      Hi Chentil

      we have Change Recording enabled. Recently when I make changes to my Calc View and when I ask our Basis person to move the Changes to QA system, the changes are not getting moved. I looked at "_SYS_REPO"."INACTIVE_OBJECT" and I noticed my Models are inactive and can be found in this Table.


      after digging for a while I am noticing system creates a new Repository on our Basis Person's local machine.



      Can you please tell me how to take care of this? delete the entire Repository?




      Author's profile photo Chenthil Giriraju
      Chenthil Giriraju
      Blog Post Author


      Make sure they activate the inactive objects under XSTC_13149 and then you can delete that repository.




      Author's profile photo Vinod Gujja
      Vinod Gujja

      Hi Chenthil,

      If more than one change id is captured in same delivery unit, is it mandatory to move all the change id's in that delivery unit or we can move only the required change id ? lets say developer 1 changed view1 and developer 2 changed view 2 , each view captured in a seperate change id but associated to same delivery unit. Now i just want to move only view 2 but not view 1. is that possible, can you please let me know where i would select the required change id for this ?



      Author's profile photo Vinod Gujja
      Vinod Gujja

      Just read the help document, seems like this is still not allowed in HANA 2 SPS2 as well.

      Author's profile photo Debanshu Mukherjett
      Debanshu Mukherjett


      We are facing the same issue where XSTC_* repositories are being created, we are deleting them on a frequent basis but this is now a consistent issue...what's the root cause and how can we stop these local repositories from being created?