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S/4HANA CodeJam in Gütersloh at Syskoplan Reply on April 21st – Date changed!

S4/HANA is the next generation ERP business suite from SAP that can act as the Digital Core of the of the whole enterprise. Join us in Gütersloh at the Reply offices on March 10th April 21st 2017, for one day of fun, insights and hands on experience on the latest business technology on the market: S4/HANA.

The SAP CodeJam is a great opportunity to learn from the experts. We’ll have SAP’s Craig Cmehil on site and he’ll introduce us to the technology S4/HANA is based on. More important as an attendee you’ll get access to a S4/HANA system and you’ll be able “to get your hands dirty” while exploring the system.

There are still open seats available. Go to the eventbrite registration page to book yours.

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  • Hi Hendrik,


    thanks for sharing!

    Can you elaborate a bit more on what exactly to expect from such a CodeJam?


    As you mention S4/HANA is a business suite, not a typical dev-topic.

    Is it even directed towards Developers, as the other CodeJams are?

    Or is it more for functional consultants?






    PS: Your blog title is missing an "s",  it says "Güterloh" 😉


    • Hi Joachim,

      the CodeJams are developer centric and the S/4HANA CodeJam is structured around the S/4 Programming Model. Core Data Services - maybe better known as CDS Views - are the main topic of the CodeJam. That's my understanding and without any guarantees, since I'm looking forward to participate as well 😉

      Here you can find a blog post from the first S/4HANA CodeJam from October this year:

      Best Regards

      ps Typo fixed. Thanks for pointing it out 😉

      • Hi Hendrik,


        thanks for the info and for the link (I wouldn't have seen it without your hint, as it's missing the "SAP CodeJam"-Tag)!

        I'll probably skip this one, but maybe see you on another CodeJam in 2017.






    Oh, just noted the date change (form March 10th to April 21st 2017) - maybe now I could make it!
    I'm still not sure what to expect, and if I would benefit from it, but there' still some time left to find out...