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Author's profile photo Krishna Kishor Kammaje

Resolving blank pop-up upon Fiori session expiry

This blog is for you if you have SAML authentication configured for your Fiori launchpad.

Whenever you leave your Fiori application idle for long time, when you return back you will be welcomed by the below empty pop-up.

What is happening here?
As you might have guessed your session has expired (Logon cookie), and Fiori is trying to present you a logon screen of your identity provider in this popup. As identity provider usually has a different hostname than your Fiori, browser will block this call (due to Same Origin Policy) and what you get is this nice blank screen.

How to get rid of this pop-up?
Luckily SAP provides an option to change this behavior. Check the below self explanatory code from Fiori Launchpad. Unfortunately you have to edit (i.e. modify) the Fiorilaunchpad.html and there is no extensibility option.

I selected the ‘reload’ option and this is what I get now. Upon clicking ‘OK’, it reloads the screen and I automatically get redirected to my identity provider’s login screen.

How to test it?
For testing your configuration, you do not have to wait for hours till the Fiori logon cookie expires again. You just have to delete the cookie, and then scroll through the launchpad so that one of the dynamic tile triggers a count call and discovers that cooke is expired/deleted. So if you do not know how to delete the cookie, here is the tip.

Happy holidays 🙂


Update: SAP has released a related note for this.

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      Author's profile photo Sandip Agarwalla
      Sandip Agarwalla

      Good one Krishna.

      Author's profile photo ravikanth kasim
      ravikanth kasim

      Nice topic and tip.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Krishna,

      Good topic.

      We have selected the  'Reload' option, however I have 2 questions and will appreciate if you can help me.

      1. once the session is timeout, the error does not popup automatically unless we click on the screen. Is there a way to show the message automatically instead of waiting user action?
      2. After the session timeout message pops up, we need to click OK to get redirected to login screen. but can this redirecting to login screen be done automatically?



      Author's profile photo Krishna Kishor Kammaje
      Krishna Kishor Kammaje
      Blog Post Author

      HI Mallika,

      1. Fiori does not make automatic calls to the server without user action.  When you click on any of the buttons, that is the time when the server is contacted and then Fiori discovers that session is invalid. The solution can be to call server automatically (make a least expensive call to the gateway server) say every 11 minutes (if the session timeout is 10 minutes). This can be done using Fiori Add On concept.
      2. This is possible, would require analysis and editing the Fiori Launchpad.
      Author's profile photo Sunil Vachhani
      Sunil Vachhani

      Hi Krishna,

      We tried setting xhr logon mode: "reload" in the fiorilaunchpad.html file but still we are seeing the white dialog which says 400: Session time out and even the CLOSE button on the dialog footer doesn't works. Are we missing anything from our side.

      Thanks and Regards,

      Sunil V.