On the Road to BW/HANA

Since BW/4HANA is available from 7th of September 2016 and we already saw how the Road the BW/4HANA can look like:

It is now time to go on the actual Road for BW/4HANA to get more details about the technical and application specific tasks to do.

This Blog is not talking at this time in detail how to convert your customer specific objects rather then to understand the e2e process of the BW/4HANA migration.

Note 2285440 – Technical prerequisites in BW for “SAP BW Edition for SAP HANA” add-on
Note 2283111 – “SAP BW, edition for SAP” SAP HANA add-on – B4H mode

Note 2426518 – BW4HANA: Starter Add-On – corrections
Note 2428714 – BW4HANA: Starter Add-On – further corrections
Note 2429554 – BW4HANA: Starter Add-On – further corrections (1)
Note 2436476 – BW4HANA: Set B4H Mode and R4C Mode – corrections
Note 2447513 – BW4HANA: Starter Add-On – further corrections (4)



The Report can run without having the SAP BW/4HANA Starter Add-On Installed.

However, it is suitable to start with SP06 or higher for SAP BW 7.50 on HANA with the checks or implement at least the following SAP Notes:

Note 2330548 – SAP BW 7.5, edition for SAP HANA: Prepare Check (DataStaging)
Note 2361350 – B4H mode: transport check for RS_B4HANA_CHECK_ENABLE
Note 2369561 – RSPM migration (IOBJ, DEST): Missing checks when switching to BW/4HANA mode
Note 2375192 – B4H Mode: Add-on Name Changed
Note 2383743 – IOBJ_PROP: MOVE_CAST exception in cl_rsd_iobj_prop_cache=>get_cha
Note 2384110 – BW4HANA: RS_B4HANA_CHECK_ENABLE – the last checks (no new checks/features will be implemented in this report anymore)
Note 2424016 – SAP HANA processing: BW 7.50 with SP04 – SP07: SAP HANA analysis processes and SAP HANA transformations
Note 2403821 – Problems when creating DTPs extracting from Composite Providers
Note 2404122 – Check for BW Upgrade to BW4HANA
Note 2430579 – Support Package 5 for SAP NetWeaver BW 7.50 -> incorrect data


In advance maintain the “Whitelist” prior to the further tasks for the Implementation of the BW/4HANA Starter Add-On


Note 2423897 – BW4HANA: Report RSDG_MPRO_ACTIVATE ignores the whitelist

In the Whitelist you can specify Objects which must be able to edit during the checks and conversion phase.

Virtual InfoProviders are not available in BW/4HANA.
The following alternative options can be used to replace them.

1. Open ODS Views (e.g. replacing Virtual InfoProviders based on DataSources)
2. HANA CalculationsViews (for complex modeling requirements including scripting of business logic)
3. new: BADI Provider (use only in exceptional cases where the business logic must be implemented in ABAP – by nature of this InfoProvider the calculations are executed in ABAP, which may have massive performance drawbacks, this option should therefore only be used in very rare cases). Not available in 7.50 but BW/4HANA only.

When installing the “SAP BW/4HANA Starter” Add-on, the system is in compatibility mode where existing scenarios can continue running but changes of legacy objects (like Virtual InfoProvider) are forbidden. To modify a legacy object, you should add it’s technical name to the whitelist (Report RS_B4HANA_WHITELIST_MAINTAIN). Please note that the whitelist will be ignored in B4H mode. Before switching to B4H mode, you need to remodel your scenarios manually according to the suggestions above.

Objects like MPRO, CUBE or IOBC which are not supported in the BW/4HANA mode anymore.

Tasks in the Maintenance Planer

The First Stop for the BW/4HANA Starter Add-On is the creation of the stack.xml in the Maintenance Planer Application in the Cloud.

Make sure you removed all non supported SAP BW Add-On beforehand. e.g. the following Example will not work and will lead in the Maintenance Planer in the error:

Note 2011192 – Uninstalling ABAP add-ons
Note 2378346 – Errors when preparing Add-On Installations / Upgrades in Add-On Installation Tool (SAINT) Version 0063

"OCS package SAPK-100AHINBW4HANA does not match the current software component vector"

Despite the Fact that you can download the Starter Add-On manually and upload the sources to your BW 7.50 on HANA system, the current SPAM/SAINT Version (750/0064) won’t allow the import without a valid stack.xml file.

Once you uploaded your configuration, you can now search for your System, e.g. B75/HBD and choose the option “Update SAP NetWeaver” to select the SAP BW/4HANA STARTER Add-On.
By this time all existing Add-On’s must be removed from the Source System. The current ST-A/PI 01S_731 Add-on is not compatible with BW/4 HANA at this time.

Note 2189708 – SAP BW/4HANA Starter Add-On -Handling and Usage
Note 2246699 – SAP BW/4HANA Starter Add-On – Pre-Req/Installation/De-Installation/Update

These are the step by step screens in the Maintenance Planer (selected important steps only):


(!) Tip: Select only the BW/4HANA Starter Add-On including SP01 to avoid re-implementation of other Support Packages.

After you downloaded the Stack XML and pushed the necessary files to the Download Basket, you can upload the files to your SAP BW on HANA 7.50 System.

Tasks in the SAP BW system

After the BW/4HANA Starter Add-On is installed in the system, we can continue preparing the SAP BW system to activate the “Compability mode“.

Enableing the BW4/HANA mode

Reports for migrating existing scenarios RSMIGRATE/RSB4HTRF

You can use the Transaction RSMIGRATE to migrate 3.x DataFlows to 7.x DataFlows already since SAP BW 7.40. Check for the latest correction in the component BW-WHM-DST-DFG

Transaktion RSB4HTRF allows you from SAP BW 7.40 SP04 onwards to transfer existing scenarios from DSO-InfoCubes-MultiProvider to aDSO-CompositeProvider scenarios necessary for the BW/4HANA Starter Add-On enablement.
Please note that the transfer tool is allowed to be called only in BW4HANA mode.
Furthermore the Program can only transfer empty objects. To transfer loaded objects you have to wait for the Transfer Toolbox which is planned for Q2/2017

Note 2238220 – BW on HANA: Transfer enhancement (Documentation attached)
Note 2280563 – TRANSFER: SP04 corrections
Note 2343343 – RSB4HTRF SP05: Transformations between providers of the same name are not copied

(BW/4HANA Starter Add-On)

To search for the latest corrections for the BW/4HANA Starter use the following Entries in the SAP Note Launchpad:


Components (Start with) BW-BEX-OT-DBIF
Support Package (Greater Than) SAPK-75006INSAPBW
Search Term BW4HANA


(!) Please Note: when the Starter Add-on is installed, it is not possible to use the BEx Query Designer anymore as you must switch to the BW-MT at this time.

the first result in the Report RS_B4HANA_CONVERSION_CONTROL looks mostly like that:

Execution of the Conversion Steps via new created Task Lists



This Task List is a collection of several cleaning and Housekeeping activities which might also be very useful to clean old Objects out of an BW 7.50 on HANA System.

Deletion of BW technical Content (0TCT*)

Even in an empty SAP BW system the technical content is active by default. Sometimes depending on the scope of the system also the CATT objects are activated.

(!) Deleting the BW technical content can have massive impact of existing scenarios in your system, as the objects might be used in several InfoProvider without knowing it.


this Report was recently added to the following correction:
Note 2447513 – BW4HANA: Starter Add-On – further corrections (4)

Note 2383530 – Conversion to BW/4HANA – Step by Step description
Note 2384088 – BW4HANA: Delete BW Objects in D-version Before BW4HANA Upgrade
Note 2385887 – BW4HANA: Delete BW Objects in D-Version Before BW4HANA Upgrade (customer content)


Note 2402583 – Delete 3.x Web Templates

This newly released Report allows you in order to migrate a NW SAP BW system to  BW4HANA, to delete the 3.x web templates, among other cleanup actions.


As you can use now the Report RS_DELETE_3X_WEBTEMPLATES, you also can use the Report RS_DELETE_TLOGO to delete additional objects which are not supported in the BW/4 mode.
Be VERY careful while using the program, as you don’t want to delete objects you still need.
InfoObjects: 0TCT*, 0RSTT*

These are “typical objects” which has to be removed before you can set the BW/4HANA Add-On to active.

If under any circumstances the mentioned Report cannot delete the old Objects, you can also use the following options to remove non supported objects

  • Transaction RSZDELETE to remove 3.x Queries which are only avaiable in the M Version
  • Transaction RSDCUBE to remove fractions of old Aggregates which are not in use

Please Note that there are some 0TCT* InfoObjects which cannot be deleted and needed for the for the core functions of the SAP BW system


The deletion of the MYSELF connection is the last thing to do.
Once the MYSELF system is gone it is not possible anymore (referring to the old system):

  • apply Support Packages
  • apply Business Content Support Packages
  • run SPAU
  • refresh imported SAP Notes in SNOTE

Last Stop before activating the “strikt mode” – Report RS_B4HANA_CONVERSION_CONTROL

Now this is the Moment were “Jumbo has to pee …

Actually, there is a little bit to do here before you can remove the MYSELF connection. The needed “Miracle” is under way … the conversion tool is planned for Q2/2017.


Note 1815374 – Clean up entries in tables after delete source system
Note 2069865 – ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY dump in program SAPLRSAODS during various staging processes
Note 2214733 – SAPI: Inconsistent IDoc segments/transfer structures in source system
Note 2400086 – Myself-System not allowed in strict mode

Once all Objects are migrated or deleted to be compatible with the BW/4HANA mode we continue with the next steps of the conversion.

Final Result in the Report RS_B4HANA_CHECK_ENABLE

Did I forgot to mention that the BW-MT are mandantory now?

Now we can go back to the Maintenance Planer to define the target vector for BW/4HANA.

This will be the Blog – On the Road to BW/4HANA – second stage finalized

Roland Kramer, PM EDW (BW/HANA/IQ), SAP SE

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