I don’t claim to be a data scientist, but I have setup, configured and exploited SAP HANA, Predictive Analytics and a number of other tools before.  R is another great tool to have in your kitbag and it can easily be connected to HANA by either JDBC or ODBC.

What’s Needed

  • R Desktop
  • R Studio
  • HANA JDBC Driver
  • R Code to open the connection

Download & Install R Desktop

Download & Install R Studio

Download & Install the HANA JDBC Driver
The only file you need is ngdbc.jar, this is can be found as part of the SAP HANA Client

SAP ONE Support Launchpad – Software Download – HANA Client

Or if you’re on a Mac there isn’t a HANA Client but you can either copy the ngdbc.jar from another platform or alternatively locate the jdbc driver within the HANA Studio Installation.
On my install one is located here
/Applications/SAP Clients.app/Contents/Eclipse/plugins/com.sap.ndb.studio.jdbc_2.2.8.jar

Official documentation for the JDBC driver can be found here
Connect to SAP HANA via JDBC

Pasted below is a code snippet to establish the connection in R Studio.

# Things you may need to change:
# - classPath (This needs to Point to the HANA JDBC Driver)
# - jdbcDriver (This slightly different depending which JDBC driver you have)
# - SAP HANA Host & port name after jdbc:sap://
# - username (HANA DB User)
# - password (HANA DB User Password)
# - dbGetQuery (Change the Select Query, here I selected a 10% Sample of the CENSUS table in my own schema)

if (!require("RJDBC")) {

# classPath="/Users/i049374/Documents/HANA/Install/R/ngdbc.jar")
# classPath="/Applications/SAP Clients.app/Contents/Eclipse/plugins/com.sap.ndb.studio.jdbc_2.2.8.jar")
# For ngdbc.jar use        # jdbcDriver <- JDBC(driverClass="com.sap.db.jdbc.Driver", 
# For HANA Studio jar use  # jdbcDriver <- JDBC(driverClass="com.sap.ndb.studio.jdbc.JDBCConnection",
jdbcDriver <- JDBC(driverClass="com.sap.db.jdbc.Driver",  
jdbcConnection <- dbConnect(jdbcDriver,
result <- dbGetQuery(jdbcConnection, "select * from CENSUS TABLESAMPLE SYSTEM (10)")

Below is the code in my R Studio environment

Below is the output of the SQL query inside R from SAP HANA.

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  1. Al Kafi Khan


    I am getting an error during connection. I used following code :

    jdbcDriver <- JDBC(driverClass=”com.sap.db.jdbc.Driver”,

    I am getting following error. Please take a look & give me some clue.

    Error in .jfindClass(as.character(driverClass)[1]) : class not found

    Thanks Advance

  2. Ian Henry Post author

    It could be a permission issue. Often C:\ is a protected location.
    I would try putting ngdbc.jar is a more standard directory, My Documents\Something, and reference that path.



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