Following Peter Langner’s post, it is my pleasure to share a list of upcoming SAP Community Calls for 2017, where SAP Mentors and SAP experts share their knowledge on a variety of subjects.

Calls are usually scheduled at 1pm PST/4pm EST/10pm CET Please use the Dial-In Info to join the calls.

These calls are some of the most engaging webinars around! Typically, the 20-30 minutes of presentation and info sharing is followed by another half-hour of in-depth questions and discussions with the audience. We usually spend the last 5 minutes looking ahead to what topics are planned in the coming weeks.

Please follow this blog post – more events will be added soon.

Do you have a topic idea/suggestion/request? Please post this in the Comments below, and we’ll do our best to find the experts and hold the discussion.

Date & Time Title & Link to Replay Agenda Presenters
8 May (9am PST; 6pm CET)

Next-Generation Support for the Digital Enterprise

Register here

“Live businesses require live support.” Did you know you can get direct access to SAP’s support experts? Learn how SAP Support is fundamentally changing on its mission to provide industry-leading support anytime, anywhere and from any device. See what the Next-Generation Support offers today.

Kirsten Cordell-Labarge, Sr. Director & Head of Global Support Center, North America (East)

Andy Cobbold, Global Vice President & Head of Global Support Center, North America (West)

10 Apr (12 pm Eastern)

Culture and Identity as Key Component of SAP’s Diversity and Inclusion

Register here

The mission for Culture & Identity is to empower the many voices at SAP to create a greater sense of community and inspire our innovation. The three pillars of this area are the Employee Network Groups, Culture & Ethnicity, and the LGBT Community (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression). Cultural Intelligence training, participation in LGBT Tech events, leadership development for African Americans and Latinos, cooperation with NGOs and public advocacy… Join this session to learn about SAP’s work in these Diversity and Inclusion areas all over the world! Miguel Castro, Lead for Culture & Identity in the SAP Global Diversity and Inclusion Office
27 Mar (9am PST)

How To (Actually) Predict The Future – 5 Trends That Are Changing Business In 2017

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What if you could predict the future? It may not be as impossible as it seems. In this exclusive talk, participants will learn five “non-obvious” habits to curate ideas and see what others miss. Based on his #1 best-selling annual trend series read by more than half a million people online, Rohit Bhargava will also share some specific trends from his 7+ years of research that matter for your industry … along with highly actionable ideas for how to use them. Predicting the future is a learnable skill – and this keynote will reveal exactly how to do it.” Prof.Rohit Bhargava,  He is the Founder & CEO of Influential  Marketing Group; Founder & Chief Trend Curator of The Non-Obvious Company; and Professor of Marketing & Pitching at Georgetown University
20 Mar (9am PST; 6pm CET) Fiori Launchpad Cloud Edition
  1. General setup
  2. Custom implementations
  3. Positioning within SAP
  4. Architecture and role concept
  5. Future plans
  6. Q&A

Julia Lakatos, SAP IT

Fabian Stein, SAP IT

27 Feb (1pm PST; 10pm CET)

Introducing SAP Ariba


  1. Introduction to SAP Ariba
  2. Description of SAP Ariba’s Strategy and Brand
  3. Ariba Cloud Applications and Ariba Network Overview
  4. Q&A
Joe Fox, SVP Business Development & Strategy, SAP Ariba
20 Feb (9am PST; 6pm CET)

Empathy is a Must for Machine Learning



Call Notes

Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Predictive Analytics are at a perfect storm and many companies leverage these technologies to transform their organization. These technologies existed for a decade, but they evolved rapidly – machine learning today is not like machine learning of the past. In these session, we will look into these technologies, understand what SAP is to offer and how SAP customers are using these technologies.

Dr. Markus Noga, VP of Machine Learning Incubation at SAP.

Chandran Saravana, Sr. Director of Advanced Analytics at SAP

16 Jan (9am PST; 6pm CET)

SAP API Business Hub – a public catalog of all SAP APIs


Call Notes

SAP API Business Hub ( provides a central catalog of SAP and partner APIs allowing developers to search, discover, test and consume the services they need to build new applications, app extensions or process integrations, using the HANA Cloud Platform. In this session, we will provide a high-level overview of the API Business Hub and show how APIs can be consumed in WebIDE to build apps.

Dr. Harsh Jegadeesan, Chief Product Owner, Digital Transformation Services, SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Michael Hill, Director, Product Marketing, SAP HANA Cloud Platform

19 Jan (9:30am EST; 3:30pm CET) Interpreting traces collected with the Single Transaction Analysis tool (ST12)

[This webinar is hosted by SAP Product Support, continuation of ABAP Troubleshooting call from Dec 5, 2016]

The Single Transaction Analysis tool, transaction ST12, allows support professionals to collect both ABAP traces and performance traces with an integrated user interface. It offers different methods for tracing and also allows the recording of traces of ABAP transactions, ABAP reports, Webdynpro pages, BSP pages and background jobs. The traces collected by this tool can be used to investigate code errors and performance problems. This training will show you how to interpret the traces collected with ST12 as well as how to deal with common problems you may see while using ST12.

Marco Montiero, SAP Senior Support Engineer


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  1. Joachim Rees


    Todays call on interpreting ST12 was very interesting!

    This are some keywords I noted down whilst listening to it:

    ABAP Trace
    – Texts
    – Changed on, changed by
    – by ModUnit
    – bottom-up Call hierarchy for entry
    – (+number of calls)
    – Type: DB -> Jump to SQL Summary

    Performance Traces
    — Structure-Identical
    — Value-Identical
    — Table Access
    —Component Hierarchy
    (ABAP-Trace: Show/hide Application Component)

    Thanks Marco for giving us this insights and thanks Jason for making us aware of it here!


  2. Joachim Rees

    Hey Jason,

    why didn’t the  19-Jan call on ST12 get its own blog entry, like all the other ones?

    I think it still makes sense, maybe you can create one?

    Such a blog would be the right place for comments like the one above I had to give here. (Also, I would like to comment a link to a recent ST22-Dump-Question I have).

    Also, I think  you need a place to provide the recording as well?


    Thanks a lot!


      1. Joachim Rees

        Hi Tammy,

        I think not exactly – if I got it right, your blog is a review of the Dec 5th 2016 Community-Call on ST12 (“how to collect traces”), announced at (also linked in the table above).

        But there was a follow-up call to that on, on the 19th Jan 2017 (“ST12 – how to interpret traces”). -> this called is featured in the list above, however it doesn’t link to a blog post (link goes to a webinar registration). And such a Blog is what I’m looking for!

        Still, thanks for you link, didn’t know it, and I think it’s quite useful!



        1. Tammy Powlas

          Ah – I didn’t know about the January 19th one – it wasn’t on my calendar – so I will defer to Jason re: blog.  Thank you for clarifying, Joachim

    1. Jason Cao Post author


      Hi Joachim, and James, sorry for the very late reply! The Jan 19th call was hosted by SAP Product Support. That’s why I didn’t post a seperate blog for it. I will ask for the recording of the call, and post it above.


    2. Joachim Rees

      Hi Jason,


      Thanks for asking for the recording! (I saw it live, but I’m sure others will benefit from it!)


      I’m not sure if I got the connection right, though:

      Usually, a SAP Mentor is hosting the talk – in that case, you will create a blog for it.

      But this time (Jan. 19th), “SAP Product Support” was the host, so you didn’t create a blog for that?


      Taking the perspective of a “consumer” of those talks, I would wish that there’s a blog for each talk, regardless of the host.

      (That blog world serve – amongst others* – as a platform for comments on that talk).


      *Another benefit: A new blog will show up in RSS-Clients, making interested users (that might not check this blog regularly) aware of it.


      Hope I’m getting my point across without sounding demanding or anything, really appreciate what you’re doing for us!






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