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SAP Payroll – Import Last Result Table (PCR ~ X006)


         To suit a particular scenario, sometimes is necessary to import the last result of payroll for a particular employee, to be able to calculate some wage types accordingly the last value paid; the standard Personnel Calculation Rule ~ X006 ~ process last values calculated, whose was imported using the function IMPRT (using the parameter2 with value ‘L’ – Last available payroll result).

         All subschemas are prepared to invoke this PCR (standard gives examples of implementations), like the subschema BRLR from schema BR00 (MOLGA ~ 37):


         After processing the function IMPRT is completed, the table ORT is populated with the values paid on the last payroll processed:

         IMPRT ~ LOG View       


         Old Result Table    


         Using the function PORT, all wage types of ORT are processed on the PCR X006:


         The PCR X006 is responsible to process accordingly the Processing Class 06:


         Rules of Processing Class 06:

                  ~ If the wage type was configured with the specification 0, then this wage type is not transferred;

                  ~ If the wage type was configured with the specification 1, then this wage type is imported to LRT (Last Result Table);

                  ~ If the wage type was configured with the specification 2, then this wage type is imported to LRT (Last Result Table) only if the previous month (period from ORT imported) falls in the current year;

         After all, the LRT is populated with the relevant wage types and is ready to be used:



Vinicius T. Ferreira

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      Author's profile photo Rémi Corriveau
      Rémi Corriveau

      In your Payroll Schema, pcr X006 is called twice, once through Function PORT and again through Function POGRT.   I was not able to find Function POGRT in the standard schema for Canada (Molga = 07), nor any documentation on it.  Could you mention what is the difference in processing between these 2 Functions?

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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Rémi,


           First of all, I would like to say that I’m a big fan of your posts/ answers and, for consequence, of your work. You inspired me to think about construct more posts related with the HCM world – most will be about the process and configuration of the Payroll.

           About your question, the Function POGRT was created to process the wage types from OGRT (Old Gross Result Table) to GRT (Gross Result Table); the system carries forward the gross amount to be paid to the employee on GRT, in a split payroll schema – I think you already know that. But the gold point is: “why invoke Function POGRT using PCR X006?”.

           My answer: – the PCR X006 was not designed to be invoked using the Function POGRT (because PCR X006 only makes sense to check the Processing Class 06 and save wage types into LRT), I used that subschema like an example (to set diversity about ways to invoke PCR X006). The schema printed is a standard subschema (BRLR), used to process the Last Payroll Calculation Result – nowadays, subschema BRLR was replaced by XLR0 on schema BR00. For Canada, a similar standard subschema is KLR0 (but the Function POGRT don’t exist on it). The correct usage of function POGRT is like on the standard subschema IEAH (for example):

           ~ Add wage types to GRT:

           Best regards ?,

      Vinicius T. Ferreira


      Author's profile photo Rémi Corriveau
      Rémi Corriveau

      Thanks Vinicius for the additional information as it complements your post and should help those who work with the GRT Table in Payroll Processing.

      Author's profile photo saravanakumar Ranganathan
      saravanakumar Ranganathan

      Dear All,

      ORT & OCRT not bring from On demand in regular payroll

      Jan – Regular Payroll run

      Feb – Off Cycle On demand

      March – Off Cycle On demand

      April – Regular Payroll run –>Here ORT & OCRT only bring from Jan regular pay result only not from March On demand pay result

      Please let me know the reason. Because of this ESB calculation went wrong.



      Author's profile photo Rémi Corriveau
      Rémi Corriveau

      This post was created by a "Former Member", so do not expect a reply from Her/Him.

      Please create your own post detailing what you did, and since this is a Payroll related query, please mention the Country.  You can mention that you checked this Discussion Thread but did not find the answer to your query, but you should provide more information, like what happened to that employee during the "Regular Payroll" runs of February and March.

      Author's profile photo saravanakumar Ranganathan
      saravanakumar Ranganathan

      Dear Remi,

      Thank s for your response. Opened new thread.

      UAE country

      Actual Scenario, one month paid through off cycle on demand(April 2019) next month run with regular payroll(May-2019) , but off cycle ORT is not considering in regular payroll.

      Below screen, May regu;ar payroll is considering only March ORT from March regular payroll not from April Off cycle on demand.